Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday night live blog

Well folks, another riveting sunday night as we find one more original way to put off writing case notes. Random liveblog slashes anyone? well don't mind if i do....

640pm- Gill is leaving for Fucking St. Mary's in a few minutes. I think he is very satisfied about his weekend. He got a lot of crse action (why am i compelled to blog about the crse action, yowza time lately? i think because of last week being valentine's day and that Jennfactor brought to light and reminded us all of the upcoming Steak and BJ day. Ahhh the holidays....makes you all warm and tingly inside.) Plus he reached nirvana yesterday morning when Norm shouted to him "Daddy you are making everyone sad and miserable!". Gill silently shouted the word "yes!" and punched the air in glee.

- Gill is now out the door. I can still hear his car pulling away and both kids are screaming apparently over a chair.

- Did you ever notice how incredibly butch sandy cheeks is on sponge bob? I mean im ok with that but id like to see it developed a bit more. Like perhaps sandy and Mr. Krab's daughter Pearl could hook up?

- Tonight is Oscar night. I think the only Oscar movie I saw this year was "Little Miss Sunshine" (which was freaking HILARIOUS). Did Pan's Labyrinth get nominated? Im guessing it did because there is no way my town would have brought it in other wise. Sadly we are a "movies ain't meant to be read, if i wanted to read id have got me a book" town. I have a particular Oscar crew i hang with on oscar night. I am sadly not going to be with them tonight. Because of FUCKING ST. MARYS.

ok here is a start.


- 810pm- Sigh. This day has taken a surprising turn towards the demoralizing. I did not think that two small children could create so much destruction so quickly. I think this would be more of a testament to my own stupidity as opposed to the reality I face on a regular basis.

- Do you think its more helpful if I liveblog bottom up? Or top to bottom?

- Some very stressful things (of which i dare not speak) (ok it involves losing a VERY important thing but not my important thing) just happened. I feel empathically sick to my stomach.

- And the turnip just shit himself. Which is a pure act of malice. This child never shits at night. Its truly a punishment shit. I waaaannnnntttt Gillllllllll.....


The Mistress of the Dark said...

what is this action you speak of. Lordy...I wouldn't know what to do if someone wanted action from me.

G-Love said...

I know a good counselor..(nudge, nudge-wink, wink)! Peace lady!! Damn Catholics!!!

gill_smoke said...

We're not Catholic! We just live in a Catholic area.

RockDog said...

I have to agree with the "Town" on this one and say that I just can't watch a movie that I am expected to defies logic and taints my soul.

Mert said...

Dang, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who though Little Miss Sunshine was hilarious! My husband showed no interest in watching it, and heard me laughing uncontrollably at the end... but failed to see the humor when I explained the scene.

I told the hubs about Steak and BJ day, he clapped his hands and grinned... he kind of looked like it was his birthday or something, LOL!

I love how Norm laid it all on the line with his dad, and how Gill was so happy about it, that made me snort.