Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ho Ly Fuck

As winterskibunny indicated in the comment section earlier today, the season finale of "dirt" was last night. Seeing that I was being held hostage by caligula I had to ti-vo. But with careful negotiation and assistance and coaching to stand up to my four year old from Gret (who would NOT give details!), I was able to arrange a viewing tonight. And I reiterate. Ho Ly Fuck. I will say I think we called leo as stalker at one point, but must admit i guessed willa at the beginning of the episode tonight. Did I mention? I HATE WILLA. She wants to be all bad ass but ultimately Ive seen oatmeal with more personality. But I digress. I did NOT see that coming. AWRSOME purely purely AWRSOME!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

One day I will take up watching tv again. I don't have the attention span...mine's about as short as the one of a fruitfly.

gretty said...

All hail Dirt!

winterskibunny said...

The Leo thing was a bit of a dissappointment for me. I was expecting a bit more. Like that we thought Don was hallucinating, but in fact one of those people was really there talking to him.

Willa, I have thought they have been holding back on her "true" personality this whole time for some surprises. She is an evil genuis. I loved the scenes where she made the boss her Beayatch, and not a little disturbed by how much I enjoyed that LOL.

And I like that they reunited Jennifer for the finale. And Julia, wow she has just completely lost it.

ZigZagMan said...

You my friend.....have been tagged....:)

RockDog said...

I guess the real question is, how does Courtney Cox look? I haven't been able to watch and my Tivo refuses to record such nonsense... ;)

crse said...

MOTD-me too. For real. But damn this show sucks me in.

Gret- ! ! !

WSB- I was kind of let down by leo too. I was hoping for something creepier. Who was really talking to don? I missed that! Re: Willa, I dont know...i liked the bitching the boss scenes too but she just doesnt seem that smart or charismatic to me....Jennifer played that well. LOVED the "bring your jackal to work day" line from lucy when she saw her. AND julia? Ho Ly Fuck.

Zig-Mission Accomplished!

Rockdog- Actually? I was not a friends fan and not a fan of either actress but LOVE courtney's character much. frankly I thought Jen looked hotter than courtney. Courtney does not have visible breasts. I did not see Jen's breasts but they were not obviously missing so that put her in the lead for general hotness overall...from my perspective anyway.

winterskibunny said...

Courtney looks a bit thin, hard, and Elvira like, I think. I've seen better looks for her, but she is supposed to be a bitter, sexually frigid, and unfeeling Beayatch, so you.

Don was talking to Don in his "state", but I was sure we were going to find out he was really talking to someone else, and that was driving his mental illness over the brink.