Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday thirteen 1

Starting over because why not?

Thursday Thirteen Random Bereavement Edition

1. Taking the red eye flight is a much better idea than a late evening flight. WE ALL SLEPT!!! It truly rocked.
2. No matter how well the trip is going it is NEVER and I repeat NEVER appropriate to find yourself singing “It’s the best day ever” (from spongebob squarepants) on the day of your mother-in-law’s funeral.
3. However, it apparently is totally appropriate to go to the toy department with your sister in law and play the 20 Q game in the middle of the aisle for about ten minutes as your husband becomes more and more annoyed with you at each passing question.
4. Witnessing the sweet man love between my father in law and his buddies was purely adorable. My favorite was his crusty friend Jim (a Vietnam vet with a plate in his head) commiserating with me about how both Gill and his father tend to intellectualize their feelings and never get into the meat of the emotions. I think Jim truly could be the next Oprah.
5. My middle child syndrome was never in higher gear than when my father in law mentioned his love of Bill O’Reilly. It did prove to me what my friend Andy says, that if someone told me that they ate their own baby, I would probably try to find a way to affirm them.
6. Norm’s shelf life with limited cartoons and no internet is approximately five days. On the sixth day he unfortunately has no qualms about shouting that he hates this place and that we need to leave right now and nothing I could say would make it any better.
7. It is never a good sign when you are in the midst of your vacation and you text one of your supervisees with a “how’s it going?” question and she texts back “Oh thank god”
8. Which reminds me why I hate to take vacations. Bad things always happen to my cases while I am gone and I never truly relax.
9. It is also inappropriate to refer to your trip back to bury your mother-in-law as vacation. Unless it is my in-laws apparently because they used the term all week. And it truly felt like a vacation in many ways.
10. I do feel less anxious than I did.
11. Jack in The Box makes a killer ultimate cheeseburger. In fact, I think it may absolutely be The Ultimate cheeseburger.
12. It is very hard to explain the concept of cremation to a four year old without freaking him out.
13. It is 86 degrees in Phoenix today….
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luckybuzz said...

Re #5: I totally, totally believe that about you. I'm pretty sure I've told you things fairly close to that (though of course, having no babies, it was slightly different), and I have no doubt that you affirmed me. Oh, wait, I have an example: bass player. Need I say more? :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

A vacation/funeral. That's kinda odd. But whatever works.

Ash said...

I am so glad you are home! I missed you! Although, I can now see that I will never get you to visit me. Unless, of course, I die, or whatever and then you are required to come, you know, a vacation/funeral trip.
A funeral is about the only thig that will get me anywhere near my hometown at this point. I miss you! Call me, or write me when things get caught up.
Crse is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
(Am V.happy, could you tell?)

RockDog said...

13. It is 86 degrees in Phoenix today….

That jsut's been in the teens all week here...Arg!

Canada said...

Piss off on the temperature gloating - did you not see my post from Tuesday? ctual temp -26 degress c, windchill MINUS 42!!!!!! (okay, I'm fine now).

And now I want a cheeseburger.

Glad you're back!

Crawlspace said...

Damnit, I wrote a really long comment and it vanished. I hate the internet.

Lets try this again....

If I had to teach a 4 year old about cremation I would do the following:

Step 1: Make a tiny person out of marshmellows.

Step 2: Kill the tiny marshmellow person.

Step 3: Impale said marshmellow person on a sharp stick.

Step 5: Shove the marshmellow person into an open flame.

Step 6: Watch the marshmellow person burst into flames and turn into black dust.

Step 7: Take a nap.

Crawlspace said...

**OOps I forgot step four.

Lisa said...

I just love you and your ... uh ... shall we say "interesting" take on things! LOL

Glad you guys are home safe and sound. You were greatly missed but it did provide some good stories!

(Blame work and not RG for why my posts slowed down. We're getting back on the horse though!)

crse said...

LB- I would like to pretend it was me humoring you and not vicariously excited for your score...lets pretend ok?
Ash- I missed you too baby and I will come soon. I need to meet that baby!
Rockdog and Canada-That was whining not gloating! I was here when I wrote that.
Crawlspace- Wow, we TOTALLY did that. Its best you didnt list step four. Step four is...ugly.
Lisa- Awwww thanks i think! Ok then I will blame bombastic boss then!

Mert said...

#2... I prefer the "Ding dong the witch is dead" rendition;)

I'm sure that if I did ever go to the egg donor's funeral, it would be a "vacation" for me too. The absence of pure evil in the vicinity... I would call that a vacation!

I hope Norm is coming down off of his technology with drawls and is feeling better.

Jenny Ryan said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

And, #5 TOTALLY made me laugh out loud! :D