Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TMI Tuesday

Well folks, in my quest to increase my Dork Quotient before the Dorkteenth, I am borrowing this idea from a titillating new blog I found courtesy of rockdog. Zig's rant (read titillating as not safe for work. My feature is a bit tamer (read less exciting) but offers more information than you ever wanted to know! of course in dash form. We will start slow today.

-Missed my morning shower due to personal idiocy/scheduling snafu.

- Forgot to put on deodorant until 130 in the afternoon (sorry about that Madame Fabu, didnt realize that when i was riding in your car)

-Lost my shoes this morning. Ended up wearing black high heels and navy blue thick cotton knee socks. It was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

- Tried to put on said deodorant in Madame Fabu's office, only to realize there was no way to do this without spike noticing as he already had offered his critique of the shoe/sock situation.

-Finally put deodorant on in patient bathroom.

-Did not realize until 3pm that i could probably pull off socklessness thus reducing the hideous faux pas to some degree.

- On the positive side, i found a spare black bra that i didnt realize i owned!

Today's not so bad after all!


Factor 10 said...

I am soooo very guilty of sock faux pas.
The bra thing? never happens. If I find a bra I've forgotten about, it's because I meant to throw it out, because it gave me four instead of two, or worse, the uniboob. Can I ever accept that it was lost for a reason? Not until I try to wear it! oh the horrors...

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I've done the deodorant thing. Thankfully where I work..there's no one to notice but myself!

ZigZagMan said...

My wife is an RN....I think she could totally relate to this post...:)

Thanks for the visit, and the mention. On my blog there is a button pointing to the original TMI Tuesday..I didn't invent it....I just participate....and none of us are "Safe for work" :)

and..umm....congrats on the spare bra..double bonus.:)

Crawlspace said...

I nearly forgot deodorant yesterday. Its good I did not.

I had a dream I met you, gil and the kids at an airport. However, neither you nor gil looked like you probably looked. I think I was also acting as a Rainbow Six counter terrorist commando if memory serves correct.


RockDog said...

Huh! I got lost for 3 hours yesterday, but at least I smelled good...LOL!

Pippajo said...

Ummm...about the bra...not to start trouble or anything but are you sure it's yours?

Here at The Knut Hut a pair of girls' size 7 black pants turned up yesterday. The Snippet hasn't been that size in over 3 years and we don't even know any size 7 little girls. Weird.

winterskibunny said...

I am hoping for a Dirt Finale commentary today. After all, I did check the show out after your postings.

I am actually hooked, as I like the Don angle.

By the way, being a dog trainer means you can always be a mess, and blame it on training the dogs.

Ash said...

Dude, you must be my twin!
I totally forgot deodorant today as well. until I realized how hot it was getting in my office......and what is that smell? Thankfully we only live three blocks from my office.
Watch me sprint!

ZigZagMan said...

always happy to give props to a fellow blogger raising caligula....:)