Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thirteenless Thursday

Sometimes I wish i could just bring you into my living room friends. I am sitting here watching my family. Gill is reading Wikipedia and listening to some whacked out ancient music. Norman was engaging in a very slow interpretive dance to the music until he realized that everytime he touched the turnip in any way the turnip would get pissed and shriek. Needless to say this was too fascinating a phenomenon to pass up. So now Norm is demonstrating this by touching various parts of the turnip and making him scream. Part of me thinks I should stop this behavior but part of me finds it completely adorable hearing his little sick voice say "now watch what happens when i touch his butt mommy......{shriek from turnip}....he watch when i touch his head...{shriek from turnip}......he screams...." (yep Norm is feeling much better)

A very sweet and interesting thing happened at supervision tonight. My little friends got together and bought us an olive garden gift certificate as a way of offering condolences. I am so delighted by this because just a few months ago, several of us were discussing what to do about a friend who experienced two losses very close to each other. I said it was a shame we couldn't get her something she could use instead of another dish garden or other plant. I suggested a gift certificate as well and a few of us had a joking discussion of the ramifications of "Im sorry about your loss, please take this wal-mart card as a symbol of comfort from all of us." My friends said this would be tacky and I said I would be delighted to get such a thing. Sure enough, tonight they gave us a lovely gift card with condolences and warm wishes written right on it. So here are the thank you note ideas that are cracking gill and I up but are way too inappropriate to share with my friends.

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous gift. With every bite of our olive garden meal, we will wrap ourselves in the warmth of your comfort like the breadsticks wrapped in the deep burgandy napkin."

"We chose to go during never ending pasta bowl season as it represents the never ending bond between ourselves and our loved ones, despite the separation of death."

" Just as the soup salad and breadsticks are endless, so was my mother's love. Thank you for allowing us to honor her memory in such a fashion."

"As we experience the heavenly olive garden tiramisu, we remember that my mother is also in a place of heavenly pleasure."

I think you probably guessed this but Ill just clarify. Iced cookie Guy did NOT contribute to the condolence fund.


Canada said...

LOL on the endless pasta bowl one. It gets my vote!!

Damn cheapass cookie guy!

And I'm glad Norm is feeling more like himself.

luckybuzz said...

Oh. My. God. The endless pasta bowl one is FREAKING AMAZING. :) You guys are geniuses.

And I'm just imagining Norm playing some little tune on the Turnip, with differently-pitched screams....

The Mistress of the Dark said...

OMG...The tiramisu one gets my tiramisu is my favorite thing on the planet.

Ash said...

Crse, you just tickle me in the right spot. seriously, I was contemplating in my own head yesterday about siblings, and Leila's american-dyed-in-the-wool right as the older sibling to torture her little sister.
Not having a sibling until you are 15 means missing out. G-D, I can't wait.

Mmmmm. and olive garden.

RockDog said...

My kids do the same thing! Touch..scream! Touch...screeeeeeeam! While I watch in utter amazement! Thanx for letting em know that I am not alone in this wackiness! I too know that I should stop them, but it's so much fun! LOL!

Have a good weekend!