Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hump day musings.

On the dark side,

- My friend Moe's dog Sophie died a few days ago. I didnt realize how much it was going to hurt me personally. I mean of course i dont enjoy seeing my friends in pain but its more than that. Sophie was the most amazing dog. I havent seen much of her in recent years but I still have this great image in my mind of when she got into the pink highlighter. It was the cutest thing, those pink spots over her creamy colored fur. My mind keeps going back to her and I get a little pain in my heart each time. Rest peacefully sweet Sophie.

- Im SO SLEEPY. Like drugged sleepy. Like someone slipped me a damn micky. Which would be nice and relaxing if I wasnt hearing things like "mommy, turnip's eating paint" while i was dozing dreamily.

- It is my first steak and BJ day and not only do i have no steak or anyone to blow today, but when i was looking for a card to commemorate the occasion, the tight ass bitch at the hallmark store got all pissy and acted like it wasnt even a holiday. I think I smell some hate crime in that kind of behavior.

-My hair is becoming completely out of hand. I bought a "frizz free" brush in arizona. And have spent a little time every morning composing my fantasy bitch letter to the "goody" manufacturers.

- My children have become complete insomniacs at night. The good news is they sleep in till like 11am. The bad news is I cant sleep in with them.

- After losing my "happiest in the hamptons" bag in the Sky Harbor airport, Ive been in a state of flux. I feel like I could lose everything at any minute.


On the positive side

-EVERY SINGLE sheetz store Ive been in lately has added the cappacino bar. Its inspiring me to try to fill another hole punch sixth beverage free card. God sometimes I dont even understand how much I love sheetz.

- Gill is coming home on FRIDAY!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!

- I got a new work phone. Which is exciting but scary. There was an elaborate shaming process from the folks at IT after I lost the phone in only one day. It was humiliating enough that I actually just want to lock the phone somewhere safe so I don't have to worry about it. So is that really all that positive?

- Tomorrow is thursday. I love thursday!

- Gill is coming home on FRIDAY!!!! FRIDAY!!!!!


crawlspace said...

goddamnit, why did I read that it was steak and BJ day?

And this, in my time of not eating beef (and no, its not for the lent thingy... Its for the polar bears) and a time when I am in limbo with the ladies.

Curse it all to hell.

I will quote taxi driver to express my angst ridden self: "You're (Read: I'm) in a hell, and you're gonna die in a hell, just like the rest of 'em"

On a brighter note, I may have proven the existence of multiple universes.

Mert said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend and Sophie... I had a kitty Sophie that I had to put to sleep a little over a year ago.:(

I had forgotten about Steak and BJ day... well, we went out for steak tonight ;) I guess Gill will have to settle to celebrate a few days late?

Imagine that, a prude at a Hallmark store.

luckybuzz said...

I feel like I've been away for awhile, because I think that the only thing in this post that I understand is that Gill is coming home Friday, which is good. So I'll focus on that. Hooray! :)

Ash said...

yea! Gill home! Bad goody brush! My mom uses that anti frizz serum form john freda and swears by it(when she remembers to brush her rat's nest)What is a sheetz? is that a northern thing and I've been in the south to long?