Friday, December 22, 2006


I have the delightful Canada to thank for this one!

'What will your obituary say?' at

I was afraid it was bound to happen.


gretty said...

Well duh, we didn't need an online quiz to answer that question! BTW I entered my name several different ways and each "obituary" referred to me in the plural. Should we be worried?

Canada said...

Gretty, I got "their" in mine, too. Maybe it just couldn't figure out whether Canada was male or female!

Jesse said...

My mom called my art lewd once.

I had to look up the word.

Then I was mad.

I'm over...

it now.

crse said...

You are fine, Gretty and Canada, all of you. But i do believe my obit might be why you are so nervous about naked day at the panflutemaster house. Jesse, that makes me sad. I heart your art! And lewdness! And maybe im missing the "good stuff" but it doesnt seem all that lewd to me?

nancycle said...

This is perfect. I just figured out how I want to die two days ago.

Happy Re-birth CRSE!!!!