Monday, December 04, 2006


I got a dog today! Fate led the dog from our friend T's yard to Aunt Gretty's yard to our house. He is the most beautiful gentle well-behaved dog ever and I love him. The Turnip shriekds and giggles every time he sees him and Norm made us leave my dad's because he thought the dog would be lonely. His name is George (at this point). I LOVE MY DOG!


RockDog said...

He looks like a George...or at least the Goerge I knew. He had long black hairs shooting out his ears.

Cool doggie!

Anonymous said...

How freakin' adorable is he?!?!?! Welcome, George. We all look forward to good blogstories (sorry, Madame Fabu, but the dog ate my homework)

luckybuzz said...

He's *fabulous*! I can't wait to meet him!

(also, on a blogger sidenote: I've been having good luck with the "Other" button under "choose an identity"--it lets me post comments as luckybuzz without signing in. But it's not always available. What's up with that?)

erthy said...

beautiful! I can't wait to borrow a dog and a boy and take them on a walk in the woods!

i have lots of good thoughts about norm and a dog.

happy, happy, happy.
(as much as I am tearing up at the sight of his ears.)

gretty said...

This may be out of line for me to post on your blog - but as a proud aunt, I can't resist. The Turnip is saying the word dog now! It comes out like "daw" and is the cutest thing ever.

nancycle said...

So glad you have a woofers to love! He's a cutie!

factor 10 said...

Okay, he's been at the house overnight, is he still wonderful? No ungodly sleep disorders timed for YOUR few hours of sleep?
In that case, hooray!
Big O would KILL for a dog--I'm just not convinced he'd shovel poop for a dog:}

crse said...

Thanks guys! Im ok with this george's ear hair rock dog!
Canada, it wont work, Madame F knows all my dirty secrets. But I know he will entertain us all..
LB Im losing comments on my OWN BLOG! And George is going to adore you. Like all my kids do!
Erthy- I know baby. And I know that this dog is going to feel all the love you emanate. We all love being borrowed by you! I know george will too
Gretty, are you KIDDING???? Damn it, nothing is out of line on my blog! Plus a turnip is cute story? This makes you my feature commentor!
Nancycle thanks!
Jen, HE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER! (but not all dogs are like this so i only speak for george)(and i havent shoveled poop yet)