Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I gots me a LOCK BOX!!!

Well folks, we have come full circle. After almost a year of her project "reorganization of crse 2006" Madame Fabu is sitting back tonight breathing a sigh of relief. Its true. Ive finally succumbed to her 11 month old idea that I need the box. I fought the box my friends. A box? how cumbersome? Much less cumbersome to chase down files and not only drive myself but madame fabu and countless others insane with my disarray.

Oh friends, I fought that box. I spent close to one hundred dollars and hours of mental energy struggling with flaps and tears in plastic and cardboard (which does not fare well when soaked in coffee fyi) and lest we forget the horrible plastic collapse in june. Finally, battered, beaten and exhausted with a caseload of soggy coffee covered paperwork in my back seat, I crawled back to madame fabu on my hands and knees. And accepted the box. We bought it today. So far there is nothing in it but a free matching cd case (15 dollar value no less!) but damn its one cool looking box. So now? if the dog is not completely responsible for changing everything in my life to good, then i got my lock box for back up!


RockDog said...

That's the second best box I've seen today! Congrats!

gretty said...

Damn girl - you got one fine box!

Ash said...

I should get me one of those.

luckybuzz said...

Yep, that's a helluva box.

You're going to start getting some interesting google searches, too.