Thursday, December 07, 2006

Backed up Blogs

This one stolen from the delightfully soon to be nearby Skycat.

1. Ever swim with a dolphin or feed a carnivore?

Fed carnivores.

2. When was the last time you pretended to be someone
The last time i was arrested.

3. What fruit should never be in a fruit salad?

Unpeeled apples.

4. Who is the most famous Person you have ever met?

5. What dream of yours has actually come true?
I dreamt of my grandfather's death three days before it happened.

6. If you could be a Natural Wonder, Would you be a
Volcano, or a Mountain.

I would be a hanging garden...oh wait no...a pyramid....oh crap, i guess just a crse.

7.Other then the really obvious, have you ever named
one of your body parts - or someone else's?


8. If you could touch objects,with your small toe, on
your right foot, on every other Sunday, in months that
ended with Y, and they would change into one kind of
thing. What would that thing be.....

ohhh I dont know. This whole question has sort of a monkey's paw feel to it. I think my feet just better stay like they are....

9.Who is the most compassionate person you know?

10. Favorite Place to Skinny Dip.
Oh this is the crse anti-question.

11. Strangest place you've been naked.

12. Strangest Person you ever had sex with?
Myself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooohhhh my stomach hurts! I kill me!

13. What continent? What country? What city? What

Africa, Egypt, Boston, Tropical.

14. The Topic is BIRD. The Question is, What kind of
BIRD would you be, if you could be a BIRD.

I would be a pelican.

15. What's the best 5 letter word you can think of
right now, without a dictionary or more than a minute
of contemplation?


16. If you could be in a Walt Disney movie. Which one
would you be in?
Oh definitely Pirates of the Carribean.

17. If you were lounging on a sunny rooftop with
friends, what would you be drinking? Eating?

I do associate a delightfully fruity sangria with sunny rooftops. As far as eating? Maybe some sun chips? Or chili cheese fritos?

18. Who would you be out of the Group.......The Mama's
and The Papa's

Michelle Phillips. You know. Because she is still alive and all.

19. Favorite lyric. (Again, don't think too long on
this. I'll ask again next week and you can change your

My mom gave me a dollar, she told me to buy a collar but i didnt buy no collar. I. Just. Bought. Bubble gum. Ba-zooka zooka bubble gum. This counts right?

20. What is your favorite Island?
The island of sanity amidst the sea of chaos.

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