Wednesday, December 27, 2006

WTF Wednesday

So here is a thought. Dont install a fire-alarm battery when youve never tested the fire alarm and then within the next fifteen leave your wife alone with your two small crabby children and no dinner for the evening. Especially when you never mention how to take the battery out. And the silent function doesnt work.


luckybuzz said...

What the hell? First not pouring the coffee, then this? I can't believe you're expected to tolerate this kind of behavior. You might need to lay the smack down.

Hope it finally stopped ringing.

Pippajo said...

Here's another thought. Don't hit the snooze button on your alarm clock that has the loudest, most alarming ring in the world and is across the room on your dresser, then get in the shower, leaving your wife, who doesn't need to get up for another hour or so and has been woken in the same manner 6 times already this morning, to be frightened awake yet again by the insane ringing of digital church bells that increase in volume every 10 seconds. Oh, and don't do this each and every morning of the week, despite your wife's frenzied pleas. If you continue to do this, do not be surprised if she starts unplugging the clock as a means of turning the damn thing off, or throws it into the shower with you.

Girl, I feel your pain.

nancycle said...

I second the "I feel your pain".

So good to know you're loved though huh? :-)