Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (maybe the 20th?)

In the spirit of The December of Gill-Smoke, here are some (dont try to pull anything you know they were pre-approved Gill) holiday mis-steps committed by Gill for your mocking and giggling pleasure...Please note, I really dont have my crap together to add to my links but below are blogs that do this that I enjoy and please link yourself in comments and I encourage my readers to go there...

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Thursday Thirteen Bad gifts or holiday Faux Pas from Gill Smoke.

1. COMPLETELY forgetting our first valentine’s day.
2. A crossword puzzle and PENCILS for my first birthday with him. (he got me other stuff too. At the time, I had a huge aversion to pencils that he knew about.)
3. Telling my 3 year old niece that “there is no Christmas in jail” when she misbehaved, thus causing her to burst into inconsolable sobs. (although I thought that one was pretty funny)
4. Not acknowledging in ANY WAY our second valentine’s day together.
5. Buying a card the day after said Valentine’s day saying “My heart is with you, at easter and always” which is a catch phrase between us to this day (and he is light years better about the mushy cards now)
6. A baking pan. Not non-stick.
7. Oversized pants that he thought would be “comfy”.
8. Kissing his friend Todd on New Year’s Eve after the ball dropped for the first kiss of the year.
9. Stuffing my stocking full of nothing but cough drops.
10. A sippy cup with fish on it because I like fish. (before we had kids)
11. Picking a fight with the bonsai’s unendingly sweet and currently disabled (knee surgery Jan. 10) mother over the thanksgiving ads after a dinner THEY COOKED for us.
12. A picture of a dolphin that was cracked (so he got it marked down). You know because I like fish.
13. Wearing Orange on st. patrick’s day because he is scotch irish. And a conflict junkie.

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Canada said...

Okay, number 10? Seems like a great idea if you're planning to tie one on - that way, you don't spill anything that stains (ie red wine - we used to joke about getting a friend of ours a sippy cup 'cause she ALWAYS spilled red wine)

Ahem, not trying to be picky, but dolphins aren't fish, they're mammals (which, obviously you know, I'm just being the snarky girl today!)

crse said...

i know! Thank you! Thats exactly what made it a bad gift!

Mikala said...

Boys can be so goofy!

Happy TT!

I’m up!

Chickadee said...

OH....oops. But I admit that I had to laugh too at the "there is no Christmas in jail" too.

My 13 are up.

Ash said...

Do you know what I'm getting for chaunukah/xmas from the hubs this year? A sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that he had his mother order for him offline. An extra large sweat shirt that although I am currently a size small, will fit me in a few months because I am going to get "gigantic" (his own words.)
A sweatshirt I wa suppposed to get for my birthday, but I put up a fit and got the Davinci code DVD instead.
Damn sweatshirt continues to haunt me.

RockDog said...

I will show these to my wife so that she will know that it is not just is us Men in general!

luckybuzz said...

"9. Stuffing my stocking full of nothing but cough drops."

See, that right there explains why GB and G-S are such good friends.

Well, that AND the hours and hours of bizarre strategy games, but you know what I mean.

Jesse said...

Woah, that dude totally sounds like my kind of gift'r.


Pippajo said...

Now, see, he and I would probably get along pretty well. I finally had to sit The Viking down and tell him he'd better start getting me some more practical birthday and Christmas gifts. Anniversaries and Valentine's Days are different: if there is to be a gift (completely optional as far as I'm concerned) it better be dripping with romance and sentiment. But I like practical but luxurious Christmas presents. Like this year? I want a really good, expensive chef's knife and a pretty apron. I wouldn't turn my nose up at a pair of Wellies either!

And #8 cracked me right up!

nancycle said...

Gill Smoke.

Yup. He's my hero.