Tuesday, December 05, 2006

random slashes of tuesday

-Day two of having a dog JUST GETS BETTER. I love this dog so much. He slept all night next to norm's bed. The best part is I am a total "you live in our home and we love you. It would be an insult not to let you on the furniture" sort of pet owner. So he could have slept on the bed. It just seemed so protective to be next to the bed like that! Is he the most awesome dog in the world? YES HE IS. (ok in my world, no offense owners of other awesome dogs)
- I think I may be slightly allergic to George as my eye appears to have swollen up. I dont mind looking like Igor, the creepy assistant to a mad scientist, though as long as I have my dog.
- Im clearly going to be an annoying dog person. I realized this when I got giddy about going into the pet aisle with Gretty yesterday. George already has a growing christmas present stash.
- I met with a member of the team from hell today. I never leave this woman without feeling compromised and slightly dirty. Upon my return to the office, I had to ask Madame Fabu if I my head was not brown because i had it stuck so far up her ass. Some days I hate being a middle child and having people pleasing issues. Especially if the people are evil and/or crazy.
- Tomorrow is another meeting with the team from hell. I need to blog about the team from hell. Its one of the most stress inducing things in my life right now. Lonnie Manko and Madame Fabu are thankfully not allowing me to go to this meeting without a "grown-up". (its totally a "safety" issue) They are sending Spike with me (he is a supervisor)which will be good because he was a marine and as im laying down for them and begging them to shit on me, he will be providing the backbone I will be pretending I have.
-Madame Fabu launched phase three of "crse reorganization 2006" today. I think I was happier with the results than she was. We did draw the conclusion that I have no other choice for organizing my files besides going with a box. She has been trying to talk me into this box for a year and Ive finally given up and accepted it might be the only way. I think I need to do a blog review of my organizational issues and ask for feedback.
-Spike told me today that his wife is forbidding us to discuss the kevin bacon game at the office christmas "ball" on saturday. This is a double disappointment since there is also a "cash bar" at this event. This led to me excitedly sharing my finding about Borat and Pamela Anderson until Madame Fabu stopped us dead to refocus me. I really think some days Id be wandering through dumpsters if she didnt refocus me.

ok buddies, thats all i got right now. Im alittle behind in my reading but i plan on catching up tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience and doggy support!


factor 10 said...

Work's Christmas Ball is Friday night, and we have actually printed out your Thanksgiving tips for "Our Team".

Ah, dysfunction...

luckybuzz said...



Canada said...

See, your absolute adoration of George has cemented my love for you!!!! My dog is my first baby, and I love her SOOOOO much!! Go dog-people!

Pippajo said...

As The Viking always says, there's just something about a boy and his dog!

We got Nutmeg when she was only 3 months old and My Boy was 1. I swear for the first year we had her they thought they were from the same litter!

Sadly, though, My Boy does not get the joy of having her sleep on his bed because a) she's too darn big and b) I cannot abide the thought of dog hair in our beds so she's trained not to go upstairs. Mean, mean Mommy! If we get a second dog, I promise it will be a terrier so the shedding won't be an issue and My Boy's fondest dreams may be fulfilled!

George looks like that perfect scruffy, lopey, "pal" kind of dog.

Now if you start Tivo-ing The Dog Whisperer, we'll have something else to natter on about!