Monday, December 11, 2006

kind of bitchy and moany but apt for a monday

Ok Im slashing folks. Its all in the interest of time

-threw my back out friday at the damn vets. The jackass had me pick up my scared (and apparently 43 lb) dog to put him on the scale with no advice KNOWING this was my first dog. I liked the guy I picked George up from much better. BTW he is a year old and a setter, shepard, lab mix with we believe spaniel thrown in. (George not the vet)

- Aggravated said back injury at the christmas "ball" by dancing after four vodka and diet cokes. Madame Fabu was a little fuzzy navelled up to be too worried about the fact that I was her designated driver although she did encourage me to eat a lot of bread. Ill mini-slash highlights from the evening.

-Madame Fabu was a stand out date all the way around. Also I got the much needed picture for my "madame fabu's ocd christmas conundrum" post.

-buffet SUCKED ASS. How can you ruin rice-a-roni? Not sure, but they did it on this buffet. The pasta was dry, the meat was gross. The potatoes were good, although the rolls were chintzy. All in all, a big thumbs down.

- I did NOT win a tv although that was my goal for going there.

- I did make a New Best Friend. He is married to the source of the "two drinks away from anything" comment (who will at this point be known as "two drink tanya") Not only did he fund half of the vodka and diet coke excess, but gave me some excellent advice. In fact words to live by, "always get paid up front". He and two drink have that understanding, her only rule for messing around is, "Always get paid up front". I was actually thinking of getting a tattoo on my chest saying "If youve gotten this far, you should know Im married." Instead, based on these words of wisdom, Im going to get "If you've gotten this far, please pay up front".

- I did accept five bucks from two drink for one of my stockings which she tossed on the stage. Im not sure why that all happened, but i just remember thinking, "no matter what she says, its a really bad idea to give her my bra".

- I did have a lovely time with Spike and his wife Crste, who came up with the BRILLIANT idea of getting one of the formula stirrer gadgets from Babies r us for a personal drink mixer. Kudos Crste Kudos. Spike and I did not do Kevin Bacon, but Crste did participate in "there's your boyfriend" which as we all know is equally as entertaining.

- Sobered up in plenty of time to drive but spent the day yesterday in pain and sleeping. Im just so damn tired.

-My back still hurts. I have to be at work at 815 and Im just a little crabby. Also there is way too much sun these days.

Ok enough for now. Norm and I are going to watch the year without a santa claus.


Jesse said...

OK, what the crap does CRSE stand for? You said spikes wife was CRSTE Which is damned close. It must MEAN something!!!

My head will explode from the act of not knowing.

luckybuzz said...

"If you've gotten this far, please pay up front".

Oh. My. God. It's awesome. You are amazing. :)

And I really, really want to believe that jesse can figure this out.

Pippajo said...

Is it wrong that I want to know too?

I never asked before because I figured if you wanted us to know you would have told us.

But now that someone else has said it, I wanna know too!

I've wondered before, is it an anagram or do I need to fill in letters?

Also, I am bummed by the sudden knowledge that I have no Holiday parties to attend. What is going on here and why haven't I noticed it before?

I might have to throw a party myself then...

crse said...

See now im starting to wonder if its obvious only because we know it, LB. Jen? Ash? Rockdog? All three of you know after not knowing. What do you think? Im clearly going to have to end the charade if only to save poor Jesse (and assuage Pippa's curiosity).

Jesse said...

give me a day to try and figure it out, when I fail I will re-ask for an answer. Assuming my head does not explode first.

Canada said...

Hey, I have a guess - for a bit, I thought of it one way, then it looked different and now I think of it like that. I'm curious to know, too!!!!

As for your sore and achy back, Gill-smoke's birthday tributes were fabulous, and he should be more than happy to provide a good back massage!

And George weighs the same as Jazz-dog. (who used to seem heavy, until the kids got bigger!)

RockDog said...

"Year Without A Santa" with actual actors...bad. Heat Miser was ruined.

Mmmmmm...Vodka anything!

As for the was only after you told me that I thought it was obvious.

Jesse said...

I attempted to decipher the name. All I came up with is crse being an abbreviation for course, and CrSe is some toxic alloy.

Somehow I doubt either to be accurate.

crse said...

Jesse, check your email for the answer. For the sake of luckybuzz, unless you people email me, you wont find the real answer! (hehehe) I do believe toxic alloy is kind of accurate at times....

Canada said...

Okay, your e-mail doesn't like me!!!! This is the second time I've tried and it bounced. Is the contact info on your profile correct?