Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Letter F

Because I heart Luckybuzz I was of course compelled to ask her for a letter. She gave me F. Apparently this is a new blog thing that folks are doing. Or maybe its old. Im very isolated in my blogosphere at times...

10 things I love that begin with the Letter F. (cant count the gimmes from LB, but Ill add at the end)

1. Ok Im going with the obvious one first. Not writing it out for the sake of decorum but lets face it. Im a 36 year old woman in my "peak". I am fairly certain I am the biological equivalent of a 17 year old boy. So yes. That is one thing i love that begins with F.(But I will ONCE AGAIN issue the disclaimer that Gill and I are not swingers) (it was an ISOLATED CONVERSATION people! And "swinging" brings to mind naked old and Furry men)

2. Friends. I am very lucky with my friends. My friends are beyond Fantastic.

3. Funny. There are times I think i should be one of those folks who recognize when things go too far. But time after time, I chuck all sense of decency for the sake of the funny.

4. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends BEST CARTOON EVER! (beginning with F anyway)

5. Fraud Ok I dont love fraud, but Im sort of admiring of fraud. It takes brains to execute a well-done fraud.

6. Fruit. Not a big vegetable fan but I love me some fruit. I dont think there is a fruit I dislike.

7. Friday It is my second favorite day of the week.

8. Fingernails I love those crazy little fingertip protectors.

9. Family. You know. My boys. And my furriest four legged friend member. Oh and my dad and brothers and sils and aunts and cousins and stuff.

10. Funk. Because dont we all need a little funk to get us through the day when it all comes down to it? OWWWWW!

The LB gimmes

11. Frozen vodka drinks. As the ugly season continues, more and more other people probably do NOT love that I love them but I think if I had to commit to one alcoholic beverage it would be a frozen vodka based drinks.

and last but CERTAINLY not least.

12. Floors of the kitchen persuasion where souls are bared and friendships are sealed and conversation is so real and so intense that people are afraid to move to a more comfortale spot for fear of losing the vibe of the night. Where promises are made before trips to the bathroom to ensure the floor time will continue. Where the sun rises and your butt is numb and you still dont want to get up because you are so enveloped in the magic of the vibe. Yessir. Im one lucky gal.


luckybuzz said...

You know, sweetie, we've been referencing our floor night for many, many years now, and you can STILL make me tear up when you talk about it. I freaking love you. :)

Canada said...

Awww, that's so awesome about you and the floor friendship. And Frozen vodka drinks. Or rum drinks. Or tequila drinks. I NEED a drink!!!