Sunday, August 05, 2007

At least im consistent

If given the choice of taking advantage of a quiet house knowing i have to completely make shit up improvise a report by 9am tomorrow, will i a) eagerly forge ahead on the report, regardless of the fact that I CANT FIND THE DAMN DATA? or will i b) Decide to read the "words of the day" in the urban dictionary all the way back to january?
As if you needed an actual answer:
obvi im just slackalackin tonight. Standard. but dont worry this treewear gonna be sobangbang its out the cuts bro.


luckybuzz said...


Laughing out loud, so seriously? How can it be a bad thing? :)

Factor 10 said...

I have just said slackalackin like ten (13) times over and over again. I'm still saying it under my breath. (20) Ooooh, my co-workers are going to hate this tomorrow. (22)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

OMG I need a translator.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I may have to wait for this one to come out as a "book on tape" myself.

One of us is too dope for this. I hope it's you because I'm not good at being dope, yo.

crse said...

LB-Shizznit iz all good baaaby
Jenn- Indeed it does roll off the tongue almost rhythmically!
MOTD- Whoa mama- what up widdat?
SB- Is dope good or bad? I dont do well off the site you see...i think im losing recall ability. Word.