Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The direct correlation between my procrastination and my increased blog posting

Or Random Slashes Of the Insomniacal Mind if you prefer:

- Yesterday was a very sad tuesday. I would say it was the saddest tuesday Id ever had but my Grammy died on a tuesday so that is a trump right there. Yesterday was sad in a ridiculous way. Thankfully i have soul friends like Luckybuzz to see me through and share her own angst (which is way less ridiculous considering she is moving across the country as we speak)

- Speaking of LB, here is my favorite line of the weekend. "You want to know if sex with her was bad? Sex with her was so bad its the only time I ever said 'You guys go ahead and finish on your own. Im going to bed.'" (how many times were there that you didnt have to say it LB? wakawakawaka! wiggling my eyebrows suggestively at her)

- I think ive found the trigger for the early rising. Time release on the adderall. I know that this is probably a big fat duh for most of you. Sometimes it takes a while for me to develop insight . In both the ways of pharmaceuticals and the ways of the world.

- I also think my general inability to focus may be largely due to the fact that im fairly certain i get little if any REM sleep. You all know I wake up several times a night. Again, never made the leap.

- Here is one of the many reasons I love my darling Gill . He doesnt believe its all aderall related and thinks i cannot relax. Which is interesting considering how lazy I am. So he is giving me meditation advice and he is reminding me things like empty your mind. "so you are breathing and a thought comes into your head like "why is crse such a big asshole? You breathe and let it go." Turned out I misheard the name and it applied but that was pretty damn funny.

-And another reason for devotion. During the instruction he shared with me that he is currently listening to a prolonged ringtone on his Ipod to help him relax. How do you not want to spend forever with a man whose Ipod contains podcasts from organizational specialists, buddhist lectures, the hour of slack and ringtones?

-Sadly after about thirty seconds the ringtone became less relaxing and more like a trigger for a psychotic break. But hey, thats just me.

- I am going to sit in a hot house with an overbearing German woman who is suspect in her own cleaning and grooming. That is the first thing I am doing today. I will probably be there for several hours. I tell you this because although i havent bathed since monday, I cannot find the motivation to do so because i will clearly stink by the time I leave her. Its unavoidable. Did I mention she also cooks things like hotdog and califlower goulash?

- My favorite across the pond correspondent Lina wrote an interesting post about sexual power today. It really got me thinking. I think I may blog about this. Ive noticed some doubt being cast on my own personal power recently. Gret and I have talked about this and we are not sure where it came from. I plan to explore this further. Because it may surprise you to know this? But I think Im pretty darn powerful.

-Ive come to realize that in terms of child rearing, Norm responds best to positive reinforcement and turnip responds best to physical restraint.

Ok I feel the report inspiration coming upon me.......yes....right after i eat some cereal and check out CNN.


luckybuzz said...

Love you immensely. Good luck with the German cauliflower woman. And today's a better day already, right?

RockDog said...

I like to listen to the sweet sounds of porn as I drift off to sleep. It soothes me in a way I had never before experienced...or simply a shot or two of whiskey.

Jay said...

I've tried to listen to those meditation CDs to get to sleep. None of them really worked. The waves CD made have to go pee 3 times.

Hotdog and cauliflower goulash? Yummmmy! ;-)

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I don't sleep through the night yet either if that's any consolation. I always feel like it's my job to keep watch over something that I can't quite name. Whatever it is it kicks my ass the second I try to go to sleep on purpose.

I've had my best luck at accidental sleep by listening to the Hungbunny podcast (really).

I can't count the times that this guy's art has saved me on long flights or bumpy sleep nights.

Might not be your cup of tea but is consistent with the ring-tone approach to meditative healing.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hon, have you been tested for sleep apnea? (or however that's spelled)

crse said...

LB- I love you just as immensely baby.
Rockdog- I feel comfortable going on record saying porn has never made me sleepy.
Jay- Holy CRAP! I have a white noise machine in my room. The only one that does not freak norm out is the waves. And I DO get up to pee! I never saw the correlation! Thank you!
SB- I know that feeling well! (its the dark side of living with a pacifist. I see myself as the family protector). Im going to check the hungbunny out. Im intrigued! thanks!
MOTD- I snore sometimes so i think you might be right!