Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things that make me happy Tuesday

Let me preface this by saying that I completely suck. Im behind on blogs. Im behind on many many things. However, it just aint a tuesday anymore if I dont do Gretty's Tuesday Twelve . Many things to be happy about this week despite how bad I suck and how far behind I am.

1. My brother and his family are coming to stay the whole weekend this weekend! Good times will be had by all...(these will include but are not limited to a birthday party for my little adorable moppet of a niece, the county fair, and possibly a shopping trip).
2. I got my first Yahtzee of the summer yesterday.
3. They now have frequent soda drinker cards at Sheetz. Not only that but the Very Cute Sheetz boy that Ive been working for about six months gave me a card and punched it all out so I can get a free one right away!
4. I may be able to refinance my house and save lots of money.
5. I got reimbursed for a trip I did not think I would be reimbursed for. YAY!
6. My boss Lonnie Manko is returning from a month long training. She is of the rocking sort so this will be good.
7. First kickball game tomorrow! (I made this seven for good luck)
8. Something really good happened to Mother Fabu. It would take too long to explain.
9. Found a new game to play with Madame Fabu at the Crawford County Fair. Count the pregnant smoking ladies. Made the experience much less gruelling.
10. Its staying hot. I heart hot! (i know this is not a popular mindset)
11. Operation Kiss My Ass is starting to pay off towards the targeted family member. Ive also managed to expand this more every day. I had a particular success yesterday when a dear friend was completely at odds with me about a work issue. (not Madame Fabu. We are not ever at odds because she is my supervisor and she also listens to my opinions and explains her position in a way that makes me feel ok about issues...) Usually because she is such a dear friend, I would have apologized for my viewpoint and concurred with hers. I love her dearly and didnt want her to kiss my ass per se, but thanks to the assertiveness Ive found through Operation Kiss My Ass, I was able to remain assertive about my position despite the fact that Im pretty sure she thought I was wrong. Turns out, she is still nice to me and despite our professional differences, I think (im not positive) she wants to still be my friend!
12. My Dad rocks. No particular reason. I just cannot say that enough.

I promise I will catch up soon. Im going down my blog list (which is completely random and not in order of preference) and reading a bit at a time!


Mert said...

Wow, now that is a lisT! I ove that you are still workin' the Operation Kiss My Ass! Rock on GF!

I still think you guys should have gone with The Ball Crushers for your kick ball team name ;)

RockDog said...

I LOVE #11 and may adopt this policy myself!

Good lucka t the kick ball game! Kick some good balls!

Gospel Bob said...

That was an impressive Tuesday list, congratulations on having lots to be happy about this Tuesday!

I'm jealous of your card punching wiles....I'm lucky to get the single hole thats coming to me.

Jay said...

I'm seriously thinking that Operation Kiss My Ass is looking like the best idea anyone has had all year.

Bunny said...

Great 12! Kick some kickbawl ass!!

Frequent soda drinker card? Must bring Sheetz to Michigan. But I do get every 7th one free at Speedway.

Still thinking you must market Operation Kiss My Ass to all on the interwebs.

Canada said...

I am impressed - first yahtzee of the summer BEFORE labour Day - you got in just under the wire!

luckybuzz said...


The Mistress of the Dark said...

You know I've never been to a county fair. However I know I would so play that game if I ever went to one.

crse said...

Mert- I would have but its a co-ed team! THey were...touchy.
Rockdog- Im studying ball kicking strategy as we speak.
GB- Oh pulease...I think you get way more holes than you modestly admit to!
Jay and Bunny- Seriously, its changing my life.
Canada- I bow my head humbly.
LB- we've never played? how can tht be?
MOTD- you need to go. You really really do.

gretty said...

How did I not know you love Yatzee? LB - come on back for a Yatzee three way!