Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Turnaround Tuesday

I am from this point forward pledging myself to Gretty's Tuesday Twelve which (perhaps unofficially) consists of listing twelve life brightening thoughts. (dont worry, i wont get all rainbow brite on you folks) The last 24 hours have completely restored my faith in myself and humanity (or at least my own ability to grab humanity by the asshairs and whip it down like the he-bitch it is.)

It was really just the little things. Finding out a big administrative clusterfuck was not going to be that way at all.

Cornering two supervisees who have been behaving in a slimy way and watching them squirm in the glare of my righteous fist of fury. (well at least it was like that in my mind)

Avoiding not one but two scary principal conversations while still getting results. Even better getting a KINDLY message (oh I said Kindly) from the one principal who only ten short months ago was consistently unable to hide the fact that he viewed me and my kind with abject loathing. Not only was it kindly? BUT HE RAN OUT OF TIME! It was rambly! On the one hand, I need to clarify that the relationship shift is a direct result of my concerted efforts to kiss his ass and pretend that i didnt notice his contempt every self deprecating demoralizing week of this ten month span, so this milestone is not a complete miracle. What is amazing to me is the fact that it only took me ten months. Ive had to do the dance of demoralizing self-deprecation for YEARS on people not nearly as openly hostile as he was, only to get them to admit that they knew who i was in meetings, let alone acknowledge that I had anything helpful to add. A phone call? After ten months? Shhhwinnnggggg!

I learned to double side copy.

I got a really really cheap iced tea.

I had a lovely dinner with the Fabuwomen.

Gill cleaned the house and mowed the front lawn while we were gone.

All that and as we speak Im making a case for TEAM PESTILENCE (thank you m. boucher!)

So viva la tuesday twelve!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Cheap iced tea = good
Cheap iced coffee = love

Jay said...

Well those are all pretty happy things. I guess it's okay to be all happy and shit one day a week. ;-)

Jay said...

HA .. my word verification on the last comment was urang

Made me think of Lurch, the butler for the Addams Family. *really low voice* "YOU RAAANG?"


Bunny said...

I'm glad things are looking up. Double-sided copy - took me years. Years. I figured that was why God gave me a secretary, to copy stuff, but now that she's retired and I don't work there anymore, that doesn't fly. She looks at me funny if I show up at her house and ask her to copy stuff. She won't make my dentist appointments anymore either. Bitch.

Go Team Pestilence!!

crse said...

MOTD- Have you tried mcdonald's yet? Its surprisingly good!
Jay- I figured you folks would be ready for happy and shit after my moping all week! Do you think it says something about me that when i first glimpse urang I thought of urine?
Bunny- that is hilarious. I think I may have done that to gret. No I know I have. I decided instead of sitter i wanted to call her life manager. She is still hangs on to nanny. She likes the british thing!