Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Emergency Call For Action

Friends, kickball registration is tomorrow. I need your help. The popular sentiment is leaning towards the "kickballistics". As you may have read, it just doesn't seem to fit what we are going for. Im down on the wire here (although I heard an echo of across town support for "Team Animosity") We are looking for something that says we are of above average intelligence and you should be very afraid of how we are going to maim you on the field. Something smart, but not too obscure. And something that shows focused outward aggression. In an intelligent way. Friends, the time to act is now. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?


Stinkbait Boucher said...

Keep in mind that you have to yell it a thousand times over the coming weeks so approach this with the same caution as naming a dog or a child who is prone to wandering off.

"Skeeterz" might seem pure genius now but, two games in to the season, someone will pay for the decision with their life.

Having seen literally hundreds of soccer teams and thousands of games I've come to the conclusion that the simplest names are the most effective. The scariest teams never even had names - just went by the color of their jerseys.

"Go green!"

If you need a name I'd suggest a simple one like Thunder, Quake, Fire, Lightening, Pestilence, Cabal, Warlocks, Shine, Beasts, Dogs, Streaks, Rabid, Gnomes, Demons etc.

Not very helpful, I know, but has managed to keep me from actual work for at least three minutes and I see that as a personal victory.

Xavier Onassis said...

"...you should be very afraid of how we are going to maim you on the field...something that shows focused outward aggression."

Name them "al Qaeda". That should get the old competitive/fighting juices flowing on the field.

Probably get you some media coverage too.

Bunny said...

Kickin' Your Grass

Kickballs O' Fire

Foul Balls

That's all I've got. Kickballistics isn't so bad though.

RockDog said...


Pronounced "Kick Your Sore Ass"


Who am i kidding...I've got nothing...

Have a kictasctic day!

Jay said...

The Deathballers.

Okay, I got nothing too. ;-)

MaggieMay said...


Personally, I liked "Pestilence."

Factor 10 said...

The Freudian Furies! (Okay, that looks wrong)

Sometimes a Ball is (not)Just a Ball

crse said...

M. Boucher- Youve truly outdone yourselves. I can visualize screaming pestilence for years to come!
XO- I want to scare them not get myself killed! Besides, didnt I tell you about my town? Our congressman went to JAIL and our people STILL support him! They will really believe we are a cell group here.
Bunny- I can see us shouting these out as cheers!
Rockdog- I LIKE IT!!! Its my backup if pestilence doesnt fly.
Jay- The deathballers. It reminds me of the melonballers. Melon balls of death. I kind of like that.
Maggie May- Kickbrawlers! That my friend is creative. Ok that will be fighting out rockdogs for second.
Jenn- You rock. I sent you an email about my freud issues and why i cant but i still think you should do this as a living!