Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because what the hell else should I be doing

Yes friends. It is the 29th. (Yes friends. I have a total of four (out of approximately 44) notes written. Yes friends. Im doing a me-me. (But I will not allow my self to post it until Im done with the notes) THis is one of the best me-me's ive seen in a long time invented by none other than the perpetually prolific Gospel Bob . (Little shout out? Gospel Bob's blog ROCKS ASS. I realize I feel that way about all your blogs but seriously? His blog is so good that Ive blog-stalked him for months waiting for him just to throw a little haiku in our direction. And now friends? He is blogging more than once every three months! And he not only did his first me-me but he followed up by writing his one! Go Give Him Love. (but dont let it stop you from commenting as im feeling particularly comment needy because his me-me asks for a bit of vulnerability) If that doesnt convince you, another GB selling point is that he is married to the brilliant and beautiful Luckybuzz.)

Ok here goes the me-me!

Four First Names of Crushes I've Had: Gill. (pseudonymonously of course). Matt (first grade boyfriend). Rich (still cant talk about this after fourteen years). Eli (current pharmacist crush).

Four Pieces of Clothing I wish I still owned:
My blue fish shirt.
The pants I set on fire in my apartment on the north side.
My Jimmy Buffet shoes.
The coat I bartered away from yet another (un-named crush)

Four names I've been called at one time or another:
Pissy Crse

Four Professions I secretly Want to Try: (ok we know I have no secrets but still...)

Clown (not the scary kind) despite my disillusioning experience with clown camp.
Lawyer (Maybe you could do a take your stalkee to work day once you get settled eh GB?)
Consultant (ok i know this is what i am but in my little fantasy world, i would travel around and give funny presentations about stress reduction and stuff like that)(ok I know I do this now but infrequently. And my presentations arent that great I fear. And most of my humor in these presentations is accidental. Unfortunately.)
Stay at home Mom: Ok dont tell anyone. Im kind of embarrassed. BUt i wouldnt just stay at home. Id become obsessively involved with Norm's school.

Four Musicians I'd most want to go on a date with:

A certain banjo player on the occidental coast.
David Bowie
johnny depp (stolen directly from Luckybuzz thank you very much!)
(ok i tried to stop myself for you GB but I have so many questions about his lyrics,(and why he sold out to Lexus) I couldnt pass up the chance) Elvis Costello

Four Foods I'd rather Throw than Eat
Any meal with chunky sauce

Four Things I Like to Sniff
My boys
Anything that still has my grammy's smell on it.
Gasoline (ok i dont sniff it per se, but it reminds me of my dad)
Cigar smoke. (only certain ones though)

Four People to Tag:
Gill Smoke
Bunny ok Im cheating but Im so damn curious. Not that Im not about the rest of you mind you.
Trelvix (ok you dont HAVE to but as your "therapist" im askin real nice!)

The rest of you folks too of course. its the 31st now and no im not quite finished but i think all things considered i deserve to me-me today


RockDog said...

I actually like this meme...very different and interesting!

Have a KICK ASS weekend!

Listen to RockDog Unleashed! Saturday at Midnight

PS...There is no such thing as a clown who is NOT scary! LOL!

Ash said...

you have jimmy buffett SHOES? I want a picture!

Canada said...

Hey, hey - there is no tagging of the Maggie May - I already tagged her, baby!!!! (or maybe she has to do 8 things in each? She _is_ on sabbatical now!)

luckybuzz said...

crse--GB *loves* Elvis Costello now! How awesome is that? It only took me 10 years of trying. :) (And I almost put Elvis on my list too!)

And, yeah, do I know the Jimmy Buffett shoes?

Gospel Bob said...

I too am becoming ocd about the jimmy buffet shoes! Details please....

And crse, thank you so much for the praise! It is undeserved but appreciated.

I can't believe I never called you Crispy!

A pharmacist crush. God, imagine the glorious possibilities....

You super rock.

Jay said...

I'm going to Google "Jimmy Buffet shoes" and see what those are like. I was listening to some Elvis Costello while on my walk this morning. I kind of hate him cause he married Diana Krall and I was sure she was saving herself for me.

Why did you set a pair of britches on fire? Were you practicing to be a Rock 'n Roll star?

Trixie said...

I want to go on an Elvis Costello date, too. He is da bomb and I have it on good authority that GB has been converted (as previously mentioned). I would also like you to throw onion, peppers and mushrooms my way because I can't seem to get enough of those! I especially like them cooked together in a cream sauce and tossed with fusilli pasta and cheese. Yum!

crse said...

Aww then you should do it Rockdog! Good luck on the show tonight!

Ash- alas they are no more.

Canada- technically i tagged her first but i just didnt post it so theeere...hehehe

Luckybuzz- Im not sure. It definitely was back in the day baby!

Gospel Bob- Im glad he won you over. And I know! Thats part of the fantasy. You rock harder! oh yes you do! oh yes you do!

Jay- How about that? We are waiting out their marriage! Because i hate her for marrying him. And I blame her entirely for the lexus commercial.

Trix- you reminded me of my friend feather who for some reason ended up with a trashcan (clean i guess) full of onions and peppers after some sort of function. She took them home to freeze them and she told me later that the whole time she was thinking it was my worse nightmare and wondering what id do if i opened my door and found the can sitting there. Well now I know! Id just throw them to you buddy!

Ok let me clarify friends. The jimmy buffet shoes were summer slip ons with these odd little scenes on them like a lady with a carmen miranda hat, a family going on a picnic, a man at a lemonade stand (looking back that one was probably a little creepy)etc. and one of my friends said "thats not a shoe, thats a jimmy buffet concert" Hence the term. Sorry to get everyone excited for nothing!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I want to go out with Elvis Costello because I want to shag him...but that's just me.

Lisa said...

Even though you didn't offically tag me, I played along too! :)

Happy saturday.