Monday, August 20, 2007

Live Blog Monday

Good morning friends! Its raining here. I realize this is not a popular sentiment but I LOVE rainy mondays when im not in the field. (otherwise they completely suck, well no more than any other rainy day in the field really) And what would be better on a rainy monday than yet another attempt at a live blog? (which of course will probably be aborted due to my tendency to NEVER follow through on live blogging) So here we go (in the random slashes of crap style you've become accustomed to here!)

- I ate my cereal with a damaged spoon today. I do not know how the spoon got damaged. It kind of makes me sad about myself that I allowed the spoon to continue to scratching my tongue because i was too lazy to get up and get a new one.

-I lost my cell-phone.

- (mini- post ahead:) Did I tell you we got a land line? It was meant for the sole purpose of faxing . But when the folks came to set it up we needed an actual phone. The cheapest phone I found was a Pirates of the Caribbean corded phone. Thus, Norm's private line was born. Not to taunt the lost fans of normtasia (we've been pressuring him to return. He says he will start again any day now) but the only thing more adorable than norm blogging is norm on the phone. Particularly leaving messages. (If you want a phone message from norm send an email to my address with your number. Or go to We thought this would help him learn numbers as well as phone manners. Interestinly, the bill collectors have found my listing and call him. Being that we've disavowed the phone, we let him handle these calls. Its awesome because he does not bother covering the phone and he hollers "Mom its the people who want to take all your money, what do i tell them?" and we say "whatever you like". ANd he tells them that they should put us on the do not call list. (props to gretty for perpetuating another generation of entitled credit abusers in our family!)

- Ok I need to work on the School Packets That Will Not Die. Ill be back...

ok 5:05pm

- While the honey mustard pringles are exciting to have, I really need to stop drinking the cans. I should not be capable of eating an entire can of pringles in one sitting. In twenty minutes. Im beginning to think the "limited time only" thing might be for the best as today is the first day I did not drink a can since Ive gotten them.

-Its tomato season here. Fresh off the vine tomatos grown in my dad's garden. Its freaking nirvana.

- The spoon thing really did not work out well as my tongue has been all cut up today.

- For the record, I did not get team pestilence. We are...the ballistics. Im trying to get past it. Rumor has it we have these awesome deep purple shirts. That helps.

ok here is one update anyway. Maybe there will even be another soon!


RockDog said...

I must get a separate line for my kids! That would be AWESOME!

Bunny said...

Perhaps I will send you my number for a Norm call. Could be a status thing - kind of like winning Karl Kassel's voice on your home answering machine on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" (Or am I the only one who listens to NPR?)

Fresh tomatoes are the best - mine are grown on my very own front porch (in a pot; I can't trust my soil -the things that do grow in our backyard have mutated horribly). If you grow your own peppers and cilantro too, you can make fresh salsa whenever you want!

Honey Mustard Pringles? I've got to try that! Must go to store now . . .

Did you throw the bad spoon away or put it in the dishwasher to repeat the cycle?


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Honey mustard pringles? Oh my!

Jay said...

Honey Mustard Pringles? That's just wrong. I prefer the white cheddar or the sour cream and onion myself.

The ballistics isn't THAT bad of a name for a kickball team. I guess.

Gospel Bob said...

HA! I have found your blog. You write nice. You thought you could hide.....oh no. That is the beauty of temporary restraining orders (they are temporary.) Once I had the scent of your couch it was only a matter of time.

So the old serrated spoon trick worked eh? Yes!

luckybuzz said...


(I told GB how to find you. My fault.) :)

crse said...

Rockdog-Its the most adorable thing ever.

Bunny- Sadly Im guessing most of my readers know that exact reference (does that make us nerds? I hope not). Shamefully, I forgot about it and have no idea where the bad spoon is!

Jay- Brother you know I got nothing but love for you but Bananas in Hammocks is not exactly a good reference point when you are trying to sell blog names. (I kid because I care)

GOSPEL BOB- PRAISE JESUS AND PASS THE POTATO CHIPS! IM SO HONORED! About that was more about the health issues with your frog infestation "problem". (at least thats the story we will stick with now that you are 3000 miles away again). Im especially impressed since you and LB contributed to the scent of that couch (wakawakawaka). And I curse you and your spoonery shenanigans. As god as my witness Ill never share flatware with you again! BUT PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT MORE!

LB- Have you ever been able to resist that sweet little GB face? I thought not! I love you for remembering (and for a million other reasons)

luckybuzz said...

Hey birthday girl, I just saw this and thought of you!