Thursday, November 30, 2006

Because you dont already know enough weird things about me!

My sister in chaos Jen (Factor 10) Tagged me for this and i know i did it before but what kind of blogger would i be if i didnt wave all my weirdness around like a big old flag! (and for those interested, i can of course always come up with more weird things about me!) Jen asked for six.

1. You may know this but Ive struggled with insomnia my whole life. I never know when it will hit and when it does, NOTHING helps.

2. Im really fascinated by cruel dictators and stories of abuse of power in history (or current events, or even daily life). I dont need details of the carnage, I want to hear about the perpetrators' personalities. (ok and i do like a general idea of the carnage)

3. I am appalled by hand dryers in bathrooms. I cant stop thinking about them spreading germs all over the room and actually drying the germs into my hands.

4. I sometimes believe my moral compass is broken. Things that I do that should make me feel guilty do not at all and I frighten myself as to how unapologetic I feel about these things.

5. I secretly believe my talents would be best served if i started some sort of cult. I think i have the makings of a fine charismatic leader, and I would be very clear about a non-violent, non-suicide stance.

6. I once had a pair of glasses for three years that a boy i liked found on a chain link fence in New York City during a spontaneous road trip involving a four hour visit to the big apple one crazy crazy night.


Ash said...

You know, I realized something, I have been having trouble with non-beta bloggers comments. you must have really loved me to put up with this kind of hassel. I adore you!

erthy said...
Hand dryers...I had no idea.
(i do remember the glasses tho... wow.)
I would also vote for you for cult leader.

factor 10 said...

You know, #'s 2, 4 & 5 could be brought together for an awesome compound in Montana...bwahahaha

And were the glasses prescription? Didja wear 'em?
I love spontaneous road trips!

Pippajo said...

Okay, did you make these up? Cause there are people around here who do that kind of thing (who shall remain nameless).

And I know it's the end of the month and all, but WHERE IS YOUR THURSDAY THIRTEEN, YOUNG LADY? I came here looking for it and was DENIED!


crse said...

I do love you ash! You are worth the struggle baby. Erthy you could possibly be the only person who could really reel me in if that happens. Remember that if things ever get out of hand ok baby?
Jen, they were! And very close to my prescription no less? we decided it was romantic fate....
and no pippa alas, i am not as creative as some unmentionable folks!

luckybuzz said...

I swear to god I was going to say the same thing, about combining #s 2, 4, and 5. :)