Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early and Vote Often

Ok because I did a little inappropriate comment blogging on my dearest Pippa's blog, I gotta put this out there. I have a confession dear readers. I. Love. Election Season. I love it. I love it. I love it. I think Im an election geek. I think my friends have read enough to gather my leanings but I do try to keep the politics out of my blog just because random people who are not regular commentors are more likely to log on and say stupid illogical and wrong things on my blog and that annoys me. My blog is not here to echo fox news soundbites provide a place for stupid rants. Having said that, let me just tell you once again, I love this season! No matter what the political climate, its such an exciting time.

I was just telling Pippa that I think I might have spent my last incarnation in a fascist state because after 18 years of having the right to vote, I still get a kick out voting!I dont know if its because I have an incredibly large ego and it seems so obvious that my opinion really matters (ok i admit, i also call in those numbers on receipts because frankly, i think the folks at valvoline really DO care about what I think). I research this stuff for weeks and start watching and reading my various sources to make my choices. It just occurred to me that voting is my version of a fantasy football draft!

Im not so naive to think that there is not corruption. I know all about the illusion of the two party system. But damn it, this is still America. If the past ten years have taught us anything, its that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Ok I still need to blog about my day so Ill end my rant now.

Edited to Add: My friend Molly texted to me today to tell me she was extremely excited because she voted for the first time this afternoon. I asked her what she thought. She said "It was awesome. Just like ordering at sheetz, without getting the biscuit at the end!" And that folks, is democracy in action.


nancycle said...

I'm not sure what to say.

Am I allowed to point and laugh?


(understand it's out of my very own ignorance re: "political anything" that dictates my position)

Pippajo said...

You know what you are? Proud to be an American, that's what you are! I can't think of much that's more American than going out to vote.

I don't think anything about your comment was innappropriate, and I find your enthusiasm refreshing.

And I must confess, though I really do dislike Election Season, I always feel a little bit of a "zing" when I walk out of a voting booth. It's very brief, just a few moments, but it's there.

So I can relate a wee bit. But I was still tempted to keep a tally of which party called me the most today and then go vote for the OTHER one! I swear I had 8 messages on my voice mail today, including one from Joe Piscipo calling me his "friend!" Please.

Soooooo glad it's over.

erthy said...

and this is one more reason we love you!
(I love elections too... the preparation beforehand, the walking in and getting my ballot... all of it!)
And may I CONGRATULATE you in living in a state that has banned smoking indoors!!! Yippee! We're goin' out babee!

Ash said...

Me voted, me voted.
you voted, you voted........
And the democrats are back.

crse said...