Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen sixteen or seventeen?

Thursday Thirteen “really great ideas” I HAD make happen with results ranging from slight disappointment to life changing horror.

1. The birds. It seemed like the perfect pet idea! Birds! Relatively low maintenance cute and entertaining. Too bad Norm and I realized the first night we brought them home that they scared the holy hell out of us.
2. The potato chipper. You slice the potatoes and microwave them on a little potato merry go round. Brilliant! Low fat but with the taste and full body of a potato chip…..except not so much…more like soggy thin overly chewy paper.
3. The iced tea maker. Because I love iced tea. What could make me happier than a bona fide iced tea maker? Oh how I coveted this iced tea maker. You can thus imagine my chagrin when I discovered that making iced tea with this magic machine was three times more complicated than making it the old fashioned way.
4. Car shopping with my adorable but not so business wise sister in law bonsai. Oh I was a feminist with an IQ in the 140s! I was NOT going to let some slimy used car salesman get the best of me! Until I walked in the door, became possessed by their mind control and ended up purchasing a two door sporty sunfire (Did I mention I had a toddler and was PREGNANT?) That car was the scourge of my existence until I ended up with the midsize sedan of my dreams.
5. Setting my dad up with my stepmother. Note to self- next time you set up your ONLY unconditional support? Pick someone who actually likes you (or at least can hide their loathing a bit better!)
6. The religious studies degree for undergrad. Oh that’s served me well….very helpful when people call me in the middle of their religious debates.
7. The smoothie maker. Two glorious alcoholic smoothie filled months with the Fabus until Gill got too annoyed to make them for us anymore. Turns out that drinking alcoholic smoothies is a lot more fun than making them. Especially when you are drunk.
8. The videocamera we had to get before Norm’s first Christmas. Yep its on there. Never watched since. Never used again. Why? No idea.
9. The plan to play and win every single free cell game within the next three years. It was all well and good until I started losing sleep and coming unglued when other activities disrupted the plan. It became my heroin. I can never open that window again.
10. Insisting that Gill renew his relationship with his parents when we first met. Ohhhh that’s what he meant by them being completely insane. Whoops, my bad on that one.
11. Ordering a two hundred dollar phone from a phone solicitor (no pun intended!) because it had talking caller id. Oh they make that in a twenty dollar answering machine? You don’t say….
12. Observing the free play basketball time during emotional support gym class. Twenty eight kids with aggression and behavior problems with projectile basketballs? Sounds great! Im going to sit over here by the wall farthest from the exit.
13. Tivo. HA like anyone would believe that. I might as well say I regret my sonicare toothbrush. Or my beautiful children…

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Pippajo said...

Oh good, it's here. Cause I had the shakes and everything. I'm just going to sit back and let the list wash over me...

You seem to like machinery. Do you also happen to have a Ronco Food Dehydrater? Cause that was ONE infomercial that tempted me every time!

factor 10 said...

I would probably love gizmos more if I had room for them.
You're still a better mom than me--Quite frankly, hermit crabs seem like more work than I really want. I'm trying to figure out how Big O can have Neopets without constant online access to maintain them...

huberama said...

Oh that's a good list... and I'm wit you on #1.

RockDog said...

Mmmmmmmm....smooothy maker! I love my smoothie maker...!

DK said...

See, this is why I don't buy gadgets. Hubby loves them, but I would be perfectly happy writing with a quill pen on parchment by candlelight. I'm pretty sure they're all put here by aliens who are trying to wear us down... Have a terrific weekend and Happy TT!

Ash said...

You had me at number 1. I hate birds, messy loud, obnoxcious biting little fiends.
My grandparents had finches. G-D damn motherfucking little tweeters all damn night.

Grumble, Grumble. Damn birds.

luckybuzz said...

First, I'm just going to go ahead and pretend you said something else for #6. :)

Also, the birds freak me out too. You're a brave woman.

nancycle said...

4. LMAO (or sorry, you weren't suppose to hear me laughing)
5. Ouuch! Truly sorry 'bout that one.
6. Must make dinner convo fun?
9. I feel your pain. Back away from the window.
12. Well, 12's just plain funny.

Thanks again for maintaining such a delightful blog crse!


Jenny Ryan said...

Yes, free cell-SO addictive!!

crse said...

Pippa-im not even going to the short lived but thankfully averted plan to jerkify every meat product i could think of!
Jen-hermit crabs scare me too!
Ash its the loudness and their spooky orinthic ways...
LB! Its because i stopped there and never went on, and am not as brilliant as some people we know.
Nan its people like you and the rest of my generous commentors who make me want to continue!

amy said...

GOod list and good gizmos listed