Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I promise I am going to do my thursday thirteen on gratitude (not so original but very necessary) so I am allowing myself some slashes of stress as it is 4am and Im being kept awake by said stresses. These are in no particular order.

-I hit a deer today. Well, more accurately the deer bounced off my car. It shattered my back driver's side window (where the turnip sits usually, but this happened at work) It could have been SO MUCH worse. So Im multi-stressing on this one, as I cant stop contemplating how bad it could have been for my little turnip (its a feeling of gratitude and horror mixed into one) and I am also stressing because it was 150 dollars that I didnt have. Lonnie Manko thought we could try to get it covered by our place of employ as I was working at the time, so at least I have that to hope for even if it doesnt actually happen. Oh did I mention i only have minimal coverage so nothing was covered by insurance? Which is a nice segue into...

-Money. I dont have any. And christmas is coming. And visions of a disappointed Norm are dancing through my head resulting in periodic cringes. The house payment is overdue. Stupid consumer driven society.

- This pampered chef party that WILL NOT END. Phyllis (the consultant who I seriously think LOATHES me by now, which Im surprisingly ok with because truth be told Im not that fond of her either) is phone stalking me and I am really not looking forward to seeing her to close the show.

- My site meter isnt working and the webmaster guy isnt returning my email. Hey webmaster guy. I may be a freeloader but Im promoting your site on a blog that is read INTERNATIONALLY (which actually invites a little shout out to my intriguing new visitor from brazil! Im glad you are coming back whoever you are! Gracias!)

-Norm is about to come out and yell at me for being out of bed. I just dont want my four year old to yell at me right now. Is that so much to ask?

- Gill-smoke is working friday and saturday. not only is this bad for me because Ill be relatively alone with the monkeys (Although aunt gretty is coming to offer guidance on friday and Madame Fabu is trying to wangle me an invitation to her Friday thanksgiving) but I will also miss him. And not get to sleep in. Poor me.
I need to counter this with some gratitude.

- the deer was ok! It was a relief to see that he just scampered off into the woods as if I was just a small obstacle in his mating quest.

-my mechanic (whose name is Tommy Christmas, I am not even joking) referred me to a nice glass place that fixed windows while you wait. The office lady was awesome and it all went way better than I could have hoped. (minus the 150 dollars)

- Aunt Gretty has been doing this nanny/life coach thing for us for the past few weeks and ideally she will be doing it until January. I cant tell you how this has changed my life. She is truly the wife we've always needed in this house.

- Erthy invited me for thanksgiving today! That made me incredibly happy. Which leads me to..

-My thanksgiving should be stress free. Im going to my brother and the bonsai (my sister in law...god i need to fix my blog so I can reference people easier) is cooking. It will be a delightful time unless my brother is being an ass to the bonsai which means I will sit with her mother and apologize for his behavior while they argue. (I tell her we werent raised like this, but looking back, we might as well have been raised by freaking wolves for as much parenting as my mother did so I guess we should doubly count our blessings as the three of us are only neurotic messes as opposed to dangerous blights on society...)

- Madame Fabu and Lonnie Manko were extremely reaffirming and kind about the deer thing even though I was so stunned I went into denial and thought I should just finish working. I also had dark chocolate M&MS which of course make everything better.

Ok Im feeling a bit better.


Canada said...

oh yes, the money (or lack thereof) and Christmas is coming. I've been in denial (it's only November . . . ). Don't want to think about it.

Oh. My. God. The deer. My biggest fear. Not kidding. As much as it would be awful, esp if the kids are in the car, it is my emotional well-being (and the deer's physical well-being!) that I worry about. Thank God you and the Turnip (and the deer) were okay. Sucks about the car, but $150 is relatively cheap considering (fingers crossed that work will cover all, or at least half). I am about to leave for work and at this time of year, I am always worried that I will see a dead deer on the side of the road. I don't like seeing any dead animals (who does?), but the deer? I end up crying. I know, I'm bizarre.

Have some more dark chocolate - it will certainly help.

Ash said...

Damned Deer. I so don't miss this about living in rural Pa.
Thanksgiving sounds nice, and you can always hop on a plane for a little R&R with the boys down here.the hubs is away for the weekend(leavin his pregnant wife at home)

Always money issues babe, it's always money.

luckybuzz said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so glad you and the Turnip and the deer are all okay. How scary.

We're filing for bankruptcy on Monday. I *so* hear your money woes.

Sending lots & lots of Thanksgiving (and general) love your way...

Jesse said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Brazil's national language is Portugese, not spanish. And well, thank you in Portugese is: obrigado (According to

I probably spelled bearer wrong though, so I should probably be made fun of for it, because I am a snooty know-it all who typically is wrong.

I should shut up now.

Jesse said...

Oh yeah, and hope Thanksgiving goes good. I am glad the deer incident did not turn out too badly and that the kids are A'ok and I hope You don't get yelled at by your children.

crse said...

Canada, you wouldnt do well in my parts about now. You see dead deer more often than Mcdonald's on the side of the road.
Ash- that would be the most rockin' time ever. I think Norm and Leila would hit it off famously and turnip would give her practice. Plus I could model drunken parenting of multiple children for you!
LB- I know that kind of sucks but Im actually sort of relieved for you because its been so rough and im hoping it means there is some light in the distance here. Is it my wishful thinking baby?
Jesse- Never shut up! Its helpful to know these things, as I dont want to alienate my brazilian reader with my provincial american ways. (sadly it may be too late. I didnt even look up the correct spelling of gracias).
And thank you and everyone for the good wishes and happy thanksgiving to all of you!