Wednesday, November 29, 2006

random quick slashes

- the turnip learned to kiss. It is kind of alarming the way he leans in like a little pro. Do you think Im damaging the kids by initiating the french kisses between them for my own entertainment?

- Gretty is here this week and at least sanity has returned to the household again. We all feel a bit more nurtured.

- i did not sleep between 1230-530 last night. I do not know why. I did a lot of sudoku.

- I have a royal mess involving the "perfect storm". More details to follow. Here is a preview. She had to write a sentence for her spelling words and one was strained. Her sentence was "I didnt like being re strained on thursday". My response sentence would have been "Well sunshine, the boy you were attacking strained to beat the shit out of you until you were restrained".

Thats all i got. Back to the sea of end of the month despair.


luckybuzz said...

I expect Turnip kisses when I see you all in January.

But, uh, just on the cheek is fine.

Ash said...


factor 10 said...

HI! I know you're busy at work, but I tagged you with something you've already done. How marvellously efficient am I? (okay, maybe I'm just a dork)

gretty said...

You are wise to request cheek kisses, LB. I was the unexpecting recipient of a mouth one.