Friday, November 03, 2006

you want the truth?

Ok because I have a pampered chef party that starts in 7 hours. Because my turnip is a grumpy little bitch this morning. Because my fans have clamored. Be ready. The lies are: (drum roll please)

#4. Gill and I met in a strange twist o fate kind of way that did not involve advertising, but did involve LB and Erthy and many other people and their paths crossing by chance.

#6 The crush is actually on Tom Brokaw.

#11 I. love. dogs!

Stories for other items available upon request.

Dont feel bad friends. I AM that good of a liar.


luckybuzz said...

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? I've known you for *15 YEARS* and you're just now getting around to telling me that you can play Eagles songs on the FLUTE!?!?!

(and all those other things...)

Wow. You just continue to amaze and impress me. My love just keeps growing. :)

erthy said...

ditto what lb said... and check your email. I love you and will continue to be your devoted follower, even if i have to miss the pampered chef party.

Pippajo said...


But, Tom Brokaw IS foxy.

Canada said...

Hey, I feel pretty damn good - 2 out of 3 and we haven't even met! My fellow flute-playing parent of two!

Have fun at your Pampered Chef party. Their garlic press rocks (Hubby hasn't been able to break it, which is miraculous. He has killed many over the course of our relationship and marriage, including a very expensive J.Henckels one)

gretty said...

No, you are not that good of a liar - your life is just that bizzare.

factor 10 said...

See, Tom I can handle. There is nothing wrong with a secret love of Tom (Brokaw, not Cruise).
Koppel love is like fantasizing about running your fingers through Donald Trump's hair...eeeew.

I hope you get a fabulous prize for your Pampered Chef party!