Saturday, April 14, 2007

The overdue Imus post.

Ok friends, Ive been a little lax on this topic, leaning on my other blog friends to express my disgust. Now usually I try not to get into serious issues on my blog. Not because I dont enjoy a good dialogue about serious issues or because im uninvolved, but only because I specifially designed my blog to be just a place for friends to come and laugh and maybe feel a little better about their day. But to let you know, Ive pontificated on this issue a lot in real time, screamed at the talking heads in the news who defend this individual and wrote my appropriate emails of protest to both msnbc and cbs. However, while going through my bloglist today catching up on you folks, I came across the most thought provoking and well-written post by the bloggoddess Trixie that made me want to stand up and shout HELL YEAH. As I was responding to her post and subsequent commentors on her post, I realized that probably offering a three paragraph comment in her post might indicate that I should finally address this. But I encourage you to go read her post because she covers things that I absolutely cannot say better and will not try.

I want to go on record saying that Im extremely glad Don Imus got fired. I do not believe his firing was any harsher than the very personal unprovoked attack he directed at those young women. I could care less if it was a financial decision or a moral decision. The point is, he is no longer getting paid to spew unprovoked hate and ignorance.

As for the black community being hypocritical about rappers and such, Im not sure where that comes from. Those who've actually followed the dialogue in this area when it didnt affect the dominant paradigm already know that leaders of the community HAVE attacked this type of language. There is no double standard in that comparison. The difference is that rappers have financial backing from those who embrace hate language. Don Imus no longer has that backing.

People should be allowed to make mistakes yes. But what would the mistake here be? That Imus misjudged the impact of his hate words? That his opinion is wrong? I think the mistake here is that his entire thought process is based on ignorance, fear and hate. And I have no problem forgiving him this mistake as long as he continues on the path of learning and makes it right. However, actions have consequences. And when enough people who've ignored you for years become aware that the "high minded political discussion facilitator" persona youve been trying to develop allows the inner racist and misogynist bully through and directly hurting completely innocent people, there are going to be consequences. Bear in mind, this was not a general slur. This was specifically directed at ten people who were shamelessly attacked for no reason. It was hate. Pure hate. And sorry you made the mistake of showing it, but maybe now you wont be allowed to get paid contributing to a culture of ignorance and malice. Yes, the line should have been drawn years ago with your general hate spewing, and its sad that it took you attacking young role models to stop your vitriolic rancor. But at least it's a start. Quit worrying about the rappers and anyone who listens to them. It only shows your ignorance further that you are unaware of how we as a society are trying to deal with self denigration in a cycle of oppression.

But all told, I want to thank Don Imus, because he is bringing to light how much our culture accepts this as ok and gave those unaware an opportunity to take a good hard honest look at the continued underlying racism and sexism that has been accepted in our society for far too long as ignorant middle class white people talk about how our culture is not that racist anymore. Oh and also, Don? your wife is too damn good for you. You should be kissing her feet that she is even willing to deal with you at all after the sickness youve spewed.

Ok thats all the pontification you will get from me today.


gretty said...

well said

ZigZagMan said...

While I'm on board with the Imus is a Jackass bandwagon.....and frankly think he has no idea how much a racist he truly is.......I think it's a dangerous slope to ban humour, regardless of how ill formed or informed it is.

Do I think Imus was wrong? Yes
Do I think his words where unjust and aimed at a completely undeserved and unsuspecting group? Yes

By the end of the day, we won't be able to tell pollack, irish, yo mamma, or even knock knock jokes if this carries too far.

A rabbi a priest and a pastor go into a bar.......wait..that may get me fired....

A horse walks into the bar and orders a drink...bartender says..hey buddy why the long face?? :)

shit...don't tell PETA...that may get me some shit........:)

winterskibunny said...

Don't you know that Imus is a full time surragate dad this whole time for his "non-profit" organization?

Note: Sarcasm being used by someone who is all to aware of how non-government funded "non-profit" organizations work.

For instance, most pet rescues and shelters have well paid directors. Though I agree they do provide a good service, they have become the new pet stores and go so far as to import puppies from other areas. (instead of adopting out the older ones that started out as pups and been abadoned by their owners)

Yipes, I try not to be serious on this one or my Middle AGed Princess one either. LOL

crse said...

Thanks Gret!
Zig- I hear what you are saying and im not suggesting we ban humor. Or rap. Or anything for that matter. Im all about free speech. But that show was not a comedy show. He debated with people like Tim Russert and John McCain about issues. He hosted the white house correspondent's dinner. Doing that, he stepped into a role that went beyond his role as "comedian". And he was PAID to take that different role.

And even if he was just a comedian, this wasnt just generalized racism (which is still deplorable) this was as you agree an unjust attack aimed at a completely undeserved and unsuspecting group. And between you and me (and the rest of the blogosphere) if someone made a crack like that at my job, they would be fired. Its just how it is. I guess my point is that I agree a person should be allowed to say whatever he wants, but when one is receiving a paycheck to speak, one shouldnt be surprised that when one's words are full of hate and venom, one risks losing that paycheck. Wow my thoughts were much more organized when i wrote the post! Ah damn. Im totally into continuing the debate but thats all i got right now buddy.

About that horse? Years ago, I had a friend who worked at a porn shop. She was the funniest person ever and she was going to start a bestiality rights movement with pins that said "I do but not with your dog". Thanks for mixing it up with me buddy!

WSB- Dont get me started sister! I know exactly what you mean.

ZigZagMan said...

Sis....I actually agree with ya in general.....where I get concerned..and I may well be putting my balls on the table here..but I can, because I still have balls and not afraid to admit it...:) when voices like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson,,,umm...become the voice of reason. To me....that is a very scary world.

What played out here was really pretty simple...and exactly as it should have. Imus was fired for 1 reason and 1 reason only....sponsers pulled thier funding.

While I think what he said was way way over the top......and agree his ass should have gotten canned for it should have the other 6-7 times he said similar crap prior...I also believe we have gotten so "PC" that it's almost impossible to have a conversation without stepping on somebody's toes anymore.

As a guy with a brain and opinion...and some sense of tact, I find both sides of the argument kid's are going to live in this world well past me...God help me make sure I give them enough tools in thier box...

See....I just said god..and box in one sentence.....that coulda gotten me fired if I typed this from work...:)

ZigZagMan said...

Psst....thanks for the link buddy, I added you and Caligula today...:)

crse said...

Zig, your balls will always be safe here at chez panflutemaster buddy! Yeah I know what you mean about al sharpton and jesse jackson. As ive been debating this issue, i find myself repeatedly having to say "just because al and jesse said it doesnt make it wrong!" We work a lot with this kind of stuff being administrators in mental health unfortunately, and the line is all about respect really. And when the PC gets too PC for PC sake, it doesnt serve a purpose at all... dont give up hope buddy, i dont know you that well but it really seems like you and mrs zig are sending the kids into the world with well stocked tool boxes. (hehehe i said boxes and balls in the same post hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Don Imus. The man has received more attention in 2 weeks than he did in his 30 year career. What he said was wrong. Not debating that. And actions have come into play by sponcers leaving and Don losing his current job. But he also made MILLIONS for the Corporate Heads who allowed this crap to go on for 30 years. Will he get picked up on another show? Time will tell - Money speaks volumes. Since this all came out, I have yet to find anyone who actually listened to his show. (or at least admitted to listening) I think there was/is more to all this than actually surfaced. Why now? Who "blew the whistle?" His show is on early and as I said, who actually listens to his trash. He seems like a bitter old man who hates everyone. He is gone... for now.