Friday, April 06, 2007

Random Friday Thoughts

-First i want to apologize for the misconceptions from my last post. Gret is hopefully not going to stop being my wife at this point. Its just a random anxiety i have because this is the easiest my life has been since we had kids. On a positive note, she just got accepted into an art show (and just walked in from an aborted attempt at getting her hair cut to tell me that gill called and he is on his way. is it wrong that she is the wife we've always wanted?) so my hope is she gets a patron and happily paints her heart out while my children play quietly nearby.

-Also, sometimes im afraid that i unnecessarily alarm my real and bloggy friends with my overdrama. I promise its all for your entertainment. Honest.

- I just switched back to my old conditioner. Had to shell out 25 bucks but i swear i heard my hair follicles cry praises of joy as i was conditioning just now.

-Norm told us this morning at breakfast (again is it wrong that i feel it should be understood without explanation that "us" indicates gret and me?) that he wants his own blog. Im thinking why not? I mean obviously id be its administrator with him just dictating answers so what is the worst that could happen? Thats not rhetorical. Offer me feedback about this in case im missing something. I promise i take my duty seriously folks. In fact, I already explained that posting the picture he made me take of him completely naked in 3d glasses was a REALLY BAD IDEA. Even though the picture is tasteful and nothing is showing. (he is behind a pillow a la demi moore)So yes i promise a tasteful blog from norm. Let me know guys. seriously.

All right folks, thats all i got because i gotta go see this hot guy with a ridiculous mustache. We are heading to fabus to dye easter eggs. (sadly i dont think they came from "happy chickens")


Crawlspace said...

I can't decide if making a comment akin to. "So long as youy keep catholic priests from reading..." in reference to a Norm blog would be distasteful.

ZigZagMan said...

Hrrm, Caligula....with his own blog.....hrrrm. I'd read it if he keeps posting drawings!! :)

Xavier Onassis said...

I think Norm could contribute more insightful observations to the blogosphere than 90% of the blogs I've seen (mine included).

I think you should call it "Ask Norm". Readers can submit questions or seek advice from your 5 year old and he can dispense his wisdom.

luckybuzz said...

I cannot WAIT for Norm's blog. Bring it on!

Canada said...

Norm's blog will be added to my blogroll (with your permission, of course) Can't wait to read it.

And crse, really, the chickens that laid the eggs are a helluva lot happier than those in the McNuggets!

crse said...

Crawlspace- no worries, we already went past that level of distaste and came several funny but disturbing google searches that norm will turn up on.
Zig- Not only drawings but photographs too. He took a lovely montage of one of his spiderman figures in a range of poses so im hoping to get that soon.
XO- I agree about your first statement but disagree about the inclusion of yours. Dammit xo if loving your blog is wrong i dont want to be right. I love the ask norm idea. I didnt see it until after i set up the blog but i think this needs to be a regular feature for norm.
LB- You know he will be gearing much of his work towards his beloved aunties including you and aunt gospel bob.
Canada- Awesome! And sadly from what ive learned their qualty of life is just as if not more dismal those who end up in mcnuggets. Damn i wish they werent so tasty.