Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TMI Tuesday and a shout out

Well folks, It is once again time for the 2nd edition of TMI Tuesday (crse style). The illustrious Zig graciously explained that this is an established group meme complete with intimate questions each week. Now friends, i have no problems offering details about my intimate life, but i do know my audience. Unless you as a whole decide you want these details, I will refrain. And offer you my own brand of TMI! (and no i will NOT refrain from these details)

-I did remember deodorant today. Ive consistently remembered for a week now. Go me!

-My toilet in the master bathroom is not completely flushing. Either that or Im subconsciously eating cork (little shout out to Moe for that joke re: Mr. Moe's poop in the late 90s!). Its not very pleasant although i think im the only one who poops in there.

-On the poop note, when i went to the bathroom yesterday, I looked down and saw a perfectly formed letter S. I was beyond impressed. (AND AM KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT TAKING A PICTURE!)So much that i saved it for norm to see. He was very affirming. And yes, he will be telling a therapist this and other stories in ten to fifteen years Im sure.

- Moving on to spiritual nudity, Ive been faced with the harsh reality that I have a big ugly ego. I knew this cognitively of course. But yesterday, events transpired that made me realize in the core of my being, I have a big ugly ego that is out of control and cripples me.

-And im having a crisis of prettiness (as it relates to big, ugly ego). The crisis is magnified by the fact that im paying the price for a hasty whack job on my bangs and it came to my attention on saturday that my chin sticks out way more than i ever even comprehended. I think i have a johnny carson chin. Now I have to deal with the fact that years of chin snobbery towards those who have weak or no chins have been nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to mask my own chin flaw. We hate what we are and dont want to be.

On a more positive note, Gretty has become Gretty. We finally bullied her into the blogosphere! Go see her and give a shout out. Also, Gill PROMISED me his Me-me is done from last week and will be up presently so please give him some love! Give them both some love!


luckybuzz said...

Hooray for Gretty's blog! And you do not have chin problems. You have a completely adorable chin. Trust me. I'm almost a doctor.

The poop thing, though, makes me think that Gill needs to come the fuck home from St. Mary's, already. :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Thank you for not taking a picture!

Perhaps you have my share of ego? I have none at all.

Ash said...

But I love your big ego. It allows me to have my own big ego!


RockDog said...

WOW! You hvae successfully left the RockDog speechless...I am without speech. I think it was the "S" shape that got me...LOL!

ZigZagMan said...

Impressive........but was it a capital S?? :)

Mert said...

Oh man, you and the hubs and I would get along famously. he told me yesterday that he saw a wild brown snake. Yes, in the toilet. Sometimes I will tell him to call animal control because of what I have deposited... snake on the loose. we're gross, what can i say?

I think I just saw your "nude spirit" slip a nip. ;)

crse said...

LB: I love you but (blushing) he is back.
MOTD: Oh buddy, if you didnt have it, it wouldnt hurt so bad. Trust me. Thats exactly where that statement came from for me. Out of a big cosmic ouch.
Ash! See now I will pick it back up and love it up because my ash says so.
Rockdog: You are so very welcome!
Zig: Yes! Yes it was! Thats what blew my mind about it! See...i should have taken the picture...
Mert: kindred spirits baby. Kindred spirits.