Sunday, September 16, 2007

Im not sorry

Id like to be but damm people. I am busy trying to replace Gretty (did I tell you she is moving on? Its a good thing for her and I will cope as long as we still have mandatory visits and she accepts i might need to call her more often). The Perfect Storm situation is still brewing and well... Norm's kindergarten is dominating my life much more than i thought it would. SO Id like to be sorry for being so far behind but damn it people what do you expect from me! Ok Its gonna be a RBOC. Im actually ripping off my newfound stalkee The Delightful Adjunct Whore and using stars. Well because they are pretty.

*It is 1:30 pm on Sunday. I have kickball at 6. I need to go grocery shopping. I have three behavior plans to write, one using a format I have NO FREAKING CLUE how to work within by tomorrow morning. I have not started. I did however catch up on blogs. Go me.

* Im hating Norm's kindergarten more and more. His actual teacher rocks but the principal is clearly migrating over towards dickville in my cognitive map of elementary administration. Also the lunch lady who I thought was nice, may actually be somewhat passive aggressive. Plus Norm told me that his afternoon teacher is kind of mean. Which means she is probably the kind of person who gets grumpy with kids and acts annoyed a lot. Now friends, I interrupt to ask for advice. I have raised the kids to respect adults. At the same time, Ive raised them to believe that NOBODY has the right to take a bad mood or grumpiness out on you through tone and/or words and actions. As an adult, I find this unacceptable and I want to raise the kids to find it unacceptable too. When we are grumpy at home we try to apologize. (we are better apologizing to Norm and Turnip than to each other but we've both been in time outs because of it and own it when it happens)I dont want him to accept this behavior or think its ok. What does one do with that? I would tell him to suck it up but dammit, why should I? Its not his! And its tainting his kindergarten experience!

*On that note, I want to thank you all for your support during the 9/11 aftermath here at chez panflutemaster. I feel awful because I think it sounded more intense than it was. Norm does typically have weird scary things going on his mind. I blame gill for overexposing him to stuff. Its not that unusual. And although its frustrating that they did this, it also kind of gives me my first little valid complaint about school which makes me happy. I do think Im going to say something next year about warning parents in advance about what was said. They probably wont listen and i can be bitterly gleeful or gleefully bitter. Anyway, you guys rock.

* Also making me happy is that we got to spend bonus time this weekend with our beautiful birthday girl (as of friday) Auntie Feather. She just makes me damn happy thats all.

* And we ate some kickass lasagne with the fabuwomen for Princess's birthday (her party is next saturday). Plus I got two very cool zach efron rings from her cupcakes. I make them talk to each other about how much they love me and how much they liked it when i licked frosting off them.

* Ok this was completely irrelevant but i need to work on plans before kickball. THere are some political complications im going to need to address im afraid. I feel a little sick....


Lucy said...

Crse--hey there. Okay, I'll get straight to Norm's K teacher.Maybe just tell Norm that usually when teachers are grumpy, it doesn't have anything to do with him and ask him what else was going on in class that might have made her annoyed (if other kids were acting up). K is sooooo harrrrd for sensitive kids, and having a grumpy teacher would really suck.

BTW, I'm sorry you're losing Gretty. She's fantastic.

adjunct whore said...

ditto: go directly to the teacher. i would even be honest about what norm has been suggesting, though not in a way that could come back to haunt him. just be one of those invested moms, not grumpy, but always asking questions. if it gets to be too much, write regular notes. good luck, you've entered the never-ending fray!

ps: we can mutually stalk:)

luckybuzz said...

Wait--why are you losing Gretty? *I'm* not losing Gretty, am I?

Factor 10 said...

Well, we'll just think of it as Gretty having new and interesting tales for you... and I have made some poor choices when it comes to parent teacher interactions, so I won't offer you anything with Norm's teacher.
Continuing in the non-helpful vein, Isn't Zach Efron just Clay Aiken with more pancake?

To make up for my non-helpful efron eeww, may I suggest some Red Bull at the grocery store to help get through the work stuff?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I find there are loads of teachers out there that just don't like kids. I've suffered through them in my school days..I know they are out there...they want the school year job .

gretty said...

Maybe his teacher is just not as nice as the other one and seems mean by comparison? Maybe she's like my second grade teacher and just plain hates kids. And you're not 'losing' me so much as...damn, I'm gonna miss you guys!

Bunny said...

I'd be grumpy too if I had to teach 5-yr-olds, but that's why I'm not a kindergarten teacher! She probably doesn't realize the kids can even tell.

Hope you were able to get your work done - I don't envy you!

Gospel Bob said...

Don't think of it as losing a Gretty so much as gaining a large painful hole of longing. That's what I told my mother-in-law anyway. Not that I married Gretty. But that would have been awesome too. Hey is this my own hole?

Good luck in the search!

I think schools should install kindergarten cams that you can access online (password protected and all that).

Jay said...

If I were spending the day with 5 year old I'd be the most miserable person on the face of the Earth. What? I already am? Oh yeah .. well, I'd be even miserabler (which isn't even a real word. that's how miserable I'd be.) ;-)

crse said...

Lucy- You will love this. I compared her to SG (our stepmother/mil from hell for reference to other readers). I thought it would help him understand the mood swings. Also, she has been very nice to him since i called that first day. Just mean to the other kids..(also norm described the lunch lady as "yelly" the other day. I thought of you!)

AW- Youd stalk me? Id totally pay you. So you are saying this doesnt get better? Ack. Thank god his main teacher is nice (as I stalk her too. Using the notes and emails)

LB- Just in the employed sense not in the friendship sisterhood sense. And i know it would take a lot more than ditching little ole me to dissuade gretty from her single minded pursuit of your attentions!

Jenn- Id love to hear those stories. I dont know who clay aiken is so im ok with you saying that about my boyfriend. As far as the red bull, thank you for the advice! My goal is truly to remain as caffeinated as possible until this is all over.

MOTD- I was just hoping it would be better than it used to be. They arent even faking like they are trying!

Gretty- That's actually been helpful to frame it in such a way.(the comparison part. the hating kids part, not so much...) And baby, we just need to remain committed. To the kickball and the errand running and the overnight surprise too drunk to drive home visits! We will survive!

Bunny- I appreciate that honesty and thank you very much. This is why you ARENT a kindergarten teacher. Exactly!

GB- I read this to her. It made us both giggle. I agree about the kindergarten cams. Although watching norm pick his nose or his butt online with the knowledge that 36 other parents could be potentially viewing it might be slightly unsettling.

Jay- I think they would be good for your soul. You could end up writing a book like Tuesdays with Jay or something! (im going to start using miserabler)