Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday twelve

Ok read the post below first, so you can end on a high note.....done? Onward to the Tuesday Twelve (and my apologies to Gretty for being such a bad stalker and posting it on Wed!) But first my apologies for lack of comments lately. I have a lot of them saved up. Its the damn google reader! Oh and confidential to Mert? Your blog is still shutting down. I tried to subscribe to your comments but it only takes me back to a post from january. Pippa? Yours is stalling too! Just wanted to let you know!

Twelve things that make me smile.

1. Finally channelling my power to kick the ball (or "tattoo" it, as one of my team-mates says!) just in time for what i consider to be our grudge match.
2. Finishing what i consider to be the "ultimate packet" only to have the school postpone a meeting which means Im now PREPARED IN ADVANCE!
3. Having Norm validate that the lady who non-verbally scorns me every day when we are borderline tardy is indeed "yelly".
4. Finding a new sitter that can ease Gretty's overtime burden during her two weeks of transition to the world of grown ups.
5. PREMIUM CABLE (madame fabu, i adore you)
6. Rocking the fifth grade kickball field. Hell yeah.
7. Overtime pay.
8. "Birdie maman!(im so tickled with his french at age two!) Its Birdie (big bird) Birdie (Ernie) and Bert. And melmo. Its Melmo!"
9. The most fabulous kindergarten smile in the world.
10. Taking pride in being married to the only curly mustached man at the open house, only to be overshadowed by a man showing up late in a black cossack. It was like being beaten by a gold medalist.
11. Having to explain to an 11 year old that she was caught on video tape punching another kid. Four times. (This makes me giggle. I dont know why)
12. The politics of kickball turning out way better than I even imagined! Go (it kills me to say it) Ballistics!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Your list makes me smile :)

Mert said...

I'm glad you are having such a great time with kickball, even though you have politics LOL!

Ya know, I stopped doing Thursday 13 because coming up with 13 things has become daunting. Maybe I should try Tuesday 12. ;)

Bunny said...

Ooo, I usually ADORE the dads that show up late in a black cossack. They're interesting and THEY SHOWED UP. Either that or they are well-armed, in which it is still best to befriend them.

My boy is loving kindergarten and I also eat up those happy boy smiles.

luckybuzz said...

Aw. Many of these things make me smile too. Especially the "birdie" and the kindergarten smile. I miss your boys! :)

Lucy said...

The black cossack dad intrigues me, and I have to say that I never knew, until today, that black cossack trumps curly mustache.

Gospel Bob said...

Yeah, I'm not sure that the cossack trumps the curly stache. I would give the gold to Gill. But I'm biased :)

Yay Tuesday!

Politics went well? My my.

Jenny Ryan said...

In honor of the awesomeoness that is crse and her blog, I have nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. :)

crse said...

MOTD- Im glad!

Mert- The politics are much better! AND we kicked butt Wednesday!

Bunny- See? Thats exactly what Im talking about! Im glad the little guy likes school. That has to make a difference!

LB- My boys miss you baby!

Lucy- I was completely intrigued! And yes. Yes it does trump the curly mustache. You see, the curly mustache does not necessarily imply a back story. One could simply decide to grow one's mustache in such a fashion. The black cossack, by its very nature, implies that back story! Certainly, one could simply decide to start wearing a black cossack, but generally one does not seek out a black cossack to wear to open house for no reason. Its intrigue city baby!

GB- The bias is very sweet. See above though. Yes indeed they did. Perhaps your sermon inspired this change. We are grateful brother GB.

Jenny Ryan! You rock! I so excited to be mentioned, I didnt see the nomination! Thank you! I will take care of it this weekend.

gretty said...

Is the cossack guy single?