Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kickball update

Shame. On. Me. Two games in and no real kickball report. What you must think of me! Forgive me friends. Its such an all encompassing experience that one blog post doesnt really sum it up. I think dashes will be the only way to do this justice.

On the negative side:
- We've "lost" two games. Ten to nothing.
- They call the game after a ten to nothing lead.
-This means a game which can last no longer than an hour, can also be called once the ten point shut out occurs.
- The first game came close to the hour. Tonight the game was called in roughly twenty five minutes.
- I have not yet made it to base.
- I play right field. I completely missed two balls today and literally fell on the ground trying to catch another one. (and yes i missed)
- I think I actively dislike one of our team members. Too soon to say because i just met her, but if you dont show up for practices and only show up for the game today and nobody knows you maybe you shouldnt make snotty comments about the practice we need? (see i feel ok saying this because i know the team and have missed both practices and do not feel its appropriate or necessary to criticise "us")
- There have been points during both games that I was more than slightly suspicious that the opposing team starting feeling sorry for us and allowing us to get them out. (My team is good though so that could have been my own low self esteem!)
- The "good game" team slap at the end of the feels very impersonal. I am not sure if I felt xenophobic about the other teams before or after I noticed this half-assed expression of sportsmanship.
- Also, we got booed by a five year old from a team we werent even playing today. I did allow myself a bit of snarkiness in his direction but not enough that I will not have a complete grudge for the team when we play them.

The positives
- Tonight the other team let us play after they shut us out, giving us an additional half hour of practice.
- I made two plays today that seemed to be successful from my perspective. Neither worked out as a gain to our team but I still felt good about it
- We are pretty damn good at bunting as a team
- We are also funny and entertaining
- Being with my friends like this is so damn good for my soul.
- I caught several balls in practice (put your boobs into the ball, this is the key)
- I also am learning to turn the ball around.
- I think Im starting to learn to read what the kickers are going to do.
- If I can learn to play better, I think I could be a secret strength because you can tell that the other people completely underestimate me.
- The refs have been really nice. I didnt like the one from tonight at first, but he turned out to be really cool in general. He did directly make fun of me in a dicklike way when i came up to kick but his overall attitude towards the team was really positive.
- I attribute this to our amazing team captain T. She shmoozing and makes them love us.
- Our t-shirts are so much prettier than the other teams.
- We played the defending champions last week and really made them work for the game. Sort of. They won on three specific errors. This means once we get our shit together we will be unstoppable.

We can really rock at this. I know we can. Go Ballistics!


Stinkbait Boucher said...

I've just realized, reading your post, that I didn't know what kickball was exactly. I thought we were talking about soccer/football and now accept that I'm quite the dork.

I'll take my ball aside and feel shame now.

MaggieMay said...

I am so freaking jealous of your kickball experience. I wanna play! [pouts and stomps feet]

luckybuzz said...

Go Ballistics!

Can you PLEASE get someone to videotape a game? I would pay cash money for it.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm so glad I never have to play kickball again. That game caused me a great deal of grief in high school and grade school.


I haven't an athletic bone in my body.

RockDog said...

Sounds like a really fun time!

Yes, video is required!!!

adjunct whore said...

its sounds awesome...i need something like this in my life!

i'm going to start a list of the the coolish words i've been reading on blogs--"dicklike" is obviously number 1.

Ash said...

Go Chris!
If I were there, I'd be one of those soccer moms on the sidelines yelling your name!

Mert said...

Nice to know boobs are good for something. ;) Sounds like you guys are having a blast, even if you do get heckled by 5 year olds, LOL!

Bunny said...

Pictures. We need pictures.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have the same red rubber balls we used in elementary school? The ones that doubled as dodgeballs? I hated those things.

Again - we need pictures.

Jay said...

Yeah, we're definitely gonna need video of this.

I haven't played kickball since P.E. class in like 8th grade. Then the whole object was to try to kick the ball right back into the pitchers face as hard as we could. We didn't bother with all strategy crap. ;-)

Gospel Bob said...

OMG, I love the fact that you were booed by a five year old. You guys are THAT team, and I wish I was on it. Good for you for enjoying your friends and having a great time....I'm super jealous!

crse said...

SB- Seriously? Im a 37 year old woman playing kickball and calling out five year olds for trash talk. I assure you sir, you are not the one who needs to feel dorky or ashamed here.

MM- You know i have a spare room right? we could drink, you could let the local higher universities woo you, and kickball to your hearts desire!

LB- You should just come watch! You are so on my fantasy kickball team! (ditto maggiemay)

MOTD- The motto of the game is that "you dont have to be a good athlete to be a good kickball player!"

Rockdog- again. Come see us live.

AW- thank you! High compliments coming from you Madame!

Ash- Sidelines my ass. Id so make you play baby.

Mert-who would think they'd have an ATHLETIC purpose! (recreation yes, athletic? wow!)

Bunny- I believe it is the same ball. Its standard league size. And red of course! They are a little rough handling!

Jay- I could lie and tell you that its about the game. But in all honesty, I have fantasies about slamming the ball into people.

GB- you BELONG on THAT team. I could so see you going mano e mano with that five year old rat bastard! Again so on the fantasy kickball team baby!