Sunday, September 23, 2007

It is sunday and my head hurts (a possible live blog?)

It is 1230. Ive been up for a few hours and i have a headache. Sadly it is not hangover related so i cant even say that at least it came with a good time. Im embarrassed to resort to this again so soon, but its random stars of crap again friends.

* Im going on record as saying that I. LOVE. MY. NEW. CABLE. and that the ability to access premuim channels on demand is one of those creations that ranks up there with sliced bread and penicillin.Ive managed to watch the entire first season of "Flight of the Conchords", a lot of "Curb your Enthusiasm" and am starting to watch "dexter". Here is the thing about dexter. When it came out, I was TOTALLY intrigued by the idea of it, but the first episode was somewhat....lackluster. On the plus side, dexter is hot and i love the crime stuff. On the other side, the side stories seem completely contrived. Like his sister is supposed to be this tough talking vice cop. Which means that she says "hell" and "fuck" in a forced way throughout normal conversation. Ok. I get it now. Im going to keep watching before I decide because im never keen on pilots.

* Ive been up for two and a half hours. So far my day consisted of catching up on blogs, eating a power bar, a banana and some garlic pita chips, discovering we are completely out of sweet n low, and watching a lot of television. Gills day has involved some serious cleaning. He randomly comes in to shame me. I laugh obligingly with self-deprecation. It works because we are both happy.

* The reason im not being brow beaten into helping is because Im supposed to be writing many many notes. Which I am going to do. Realy soon.

Three. Now I have three stars. Maybe i will come back and add more stars soon-


Jay said...

I really wish I had premium cable. I'm so missing out on all the good stuff.

Bunny said...

Ditto to what Jay said: I don't even have "expanded basic" - just basic-basic. ~35 channels, but it's only $14/mo! Looking at going with DirectTV . . .

Gill cleans w/o bitching? I love him. Mine started in on me yesterday, but I cut him off with "Oh no you don't. I've been trapped here with Sir Barfs-a-lot and Lady Di-arrhea and ..." it went on and on, with some totally unforced hells and fucks. He shut up. And watched their royal sicklinesses today so I could go out. Yea!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I have yet to watch Dexter. Of course I hardly watch tv at all being the complete computer addict that I am

Anonymous said...

I am very very jealous of your premium cable. We haven't had cable for 5 (five) years. Any cable. We get 4 channels, sometimes 5 if the weather's nice.

I'm depressed.

--Maggie (whom apparently blogger hates b/c I still can't sign in)

Canada said...

I'm assuming that since there were no more stars, you got your notes done. Or just found some cool stuff to watch on your primo cable. Do you have TiVo/PVR? No, don't tell me, I'd be waaaay too jealous if the answer was yes!

Lucy said...

I also covet the cable--I spent last night watching Bridezilla's a clip episode of Rock of Love.

Lucy said...

AND a clip episode of Rock of Love.

Sorry for the bad editing.

P.S. I'm rooting for Jess (on ROL).

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I never understood how DeeDee managed to slip, unnoticed in to Dexter's laboratory or why her jaunts vexed her brother so in the first place.

The tension between the two was palpable more often than not but only vaguely sexual and even then in the creepiest manner conceivable.

My television watches me more than I it. Its smugness annoys me beyond words and as such I allow it to speak only so very rarely.

Like when Batman's on. Or Oprah.

crse said...

Jay (and the rest of you): I know. The bill has not come yet but im still very excited.

Bunny: Im SO SORRY about the little sicklings. Im glad that before the shit hit the fan (pun sort of intended) that you got out a little bit.

MOTD: It got wayyyyy better.

Canada: My oldest reader. I know you know the answer to this.

Lucy: You are scaring me. You need to come over and watch movies.

Maggiemay- Im so sorry. Now that you are on sabbatical maybe you should think about it. It is good for the productive soul. (well im not sure but i think it is)

SB- At first i thought maybe you were joking but then i could see the similarities between the two shows. Mine is about a serial murderer cop. Having said that, I too have been quite perplexed by their relationship and would not be surprised if Dexter grew up to be a serial killer as well, particularly in light of his mother's obsession with rubber gloves and cleaning. Oprah loves you SB. So does batman.