Saturday, January 27, 2007


Folks, Jenfactor is on the case. She has clearly tapped a need for many of us and is currently developing a dorkblogging world where we can all feel at home...keep check of both blogs for updates!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. I noticed most of you refused to comment on Dirt. Its sweet how you might think i will stop talking about it if you dont respond. Ha. Anyone care to remember the sonicare toothbrush? which my dear readers thought id quit talking about if you didnt respond? I am committed to this show people. All i will say until next episode is "head in a pickle jar". No I will say "singing head in a pickle jar".

On a more mundane note. Still coughing til i choke. still really beyond tired. Spent some time this morning thinking about the souffle. You never really hear about the souffle anymore. I wonder why? I wonder if its the immanent collapse of the dish. All that pressure to keep it up and then in 20-30 minutes it just collapses anyway. What are we working for anyway? Wow. I just re-read that. Ill stop talking about this now.

So I think Im addicted to sugar. Well I know I am. But is it really an addiction if i have no desire to change? Today im thinking about cornbread and lemon filled cake. I heard chocolate is good for a cough.

So sometimes, its hard to put into words how cute triscuit crumbs stuck to a baby's face with snot can actually be. How do you transcend the grossness to capture the adorability of this?

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Jennifer said...

chocolate is good for a cough, specifically the gourmet ice-cream type. Good for soothing the throat.

while I agree, 'mocoose' babies are cute, I am totally not hungry now.

totally excited about the dork button, now if I can just figure out how to put it on my sidebar...

thanks for visiting me, and I dig that you dug my shoes..

Jenny in Ca