Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pictures to cheer us all up

well me anyway. im in a january slump. my thursday thirteen will expose the whining and bitching in full. I should never skip bitch and moan monday. it just doesnt bode well for the rest of the week. Anyway, these were taken by doting auntie luckybuzz during her way too brief fly by last week.

Our man Norm will not be distracted from his high stakes game despite the party atmosphere.

And the world is mine once again...come my people, gather round, worship me as is my due.

And here is dirty louie, i think this might be our christmas card next year. Today though it says, "christmas aint over til i say its over now gimme another drink"


luckybuzz said...

Okay, I know I kind of took these pictures, but can I still say how much I *LOVE* them???

Your boys are amazing. That second picture of Norm was taken in the middle of the most enthusiastic giggle-fit I've ever witnessed. And I think *we* might use that picture of the Turnip as our Christmas card next year too.

And I, too, need a drink. You should come have one with me. :)

Canada said...

Oh man, when did Norm go from little kid to total big boy? He looks all grown up! Adorable, but still . . . . grown up!!

And Dirty Louie is out of his cross-dressing phase? (lemme tell you, Corwin would make a stunning girl!)

Too cute, as usual!

RockDog said...

I love the pictures...and may suggest to my wife to adopt a "bitching and moaning monday" plan...!

Crawlspace said...

What us behind Dirty Louie's head? It looks like a teddy bear or something.hy

crse said...

LB I need to do that. I definitely need to do that. And more than one too....

Canada, Dirty Louie is a multi-faceted guy! He can cross dress one day and be a sloppy drunken reindeer boy the next..

Rockdog, I recommend Bitch and Moan Monday for everyone. It just sanctions the whole thing....

Crawlspace, those are reindeer ears!