Monday, January 22, 2007

For Ash

Because she is my hero.

And because I was lucky enough to have the desire and resources to provide for my boys.

And because countless women don't have this.

And because I AM pro-life. And believe women need to have the alternative to choose to end pregnancy safely and legally.

And because abortions will happen anyway, so we need to provide viable options for women and girls.

And finally because you never really know someone else's story.

I dont usually get political on my blog but as someone who works with children, I have seen too much not to have an opinion on this.

If you dont agree, I ask that you remain respectful on my blog. Rude comments will be deleted.


factor 10 said...

You said it so well, CRSE. Once again, we think alike.

"Because you never really know someone else's story."

Nuff said, just wanted to thank you for saying it so well.

Ash said...

And you are mine CRSE. Thanks for everything.