Wednesday, January 24, 2007

we interrupt the normally scheduled germ laden whining for this important bulletin

Im very good at feeling sorry for myself these days. It doesnt hurt my pity party to have a four year old who now makes a habit of puking from 1am to 4am and an 18 month old who wont sleep during this time for fear he misses some of the action. And of course the party is enhanced by the strep/bronchial pink eye hack fest i bring to the table.

Im guessing that six dollars did turn things around. In the peace of the morning, I was perusing my blogs and when I went to the always entertaining Nancycle's blog. I found this link. Its hard to visit this link and not feel a little grateful that some stupid germs and sleepless small children are all i face today.

And if that doesn't put in perspective? Go see Jen's Wednesday Hero Tribute. Or go see Trixie who is living this personally with grace humor and hope. (and she is cute too!) (actually, i have to say that all referenced blogs here have aesthetically pleasing administrators) (Just didnt want you to think Ive completely abandoned the shallow need to constantly be entertained that I offer my gentle readers here at chez panflutemaster) Ok Ill be returning to the regularly scheduled mindless ramblings now.

1 comment:

nancycle said...

You rock you silver tongued devil.

Just read your comment on Dave's blog.

Seriously, you rock.