Thursday, January 25, 2007


Oh and the other thing? A tv update. I LOVE DIRT. I KNOW people I know! Never was a huge courtney cox fan, found friends to be a bit...well...not really my cup of tea. But Id been watching the previews since December (thanks to Aunt Gretty's love for the FX daytime line-up) and thought well, I like Peter Gabriel. I like smut. I think it might work for me! And it does! Its every thing i hoped. Trashy. Lurid. Outrageous. The first three episodes had elements of uber-nasty but still had some cheesy stuff. I just watched last week's episode. And folks, Dirt has joined the ranks of only two other shows in my entire television watching history by being a show that I caught at the beginning and am in love with. (The other two being "newsradio" and "the office"). Its horrilicious! And now gill is watching it too. If you need us? We will be licking the garbage can waiting for next week. The preview had an AWESOME quote that I actually believe i need as a bumper sticker

"If god didnt want us to eat the weak, he wouldnt have made them so delicious" (lucy was eating steak or something when she said that(Im sure its stolen from somewhere but doesnt make me love it any less). Also Gret is watching it too (sorry babe but you are going down with us)


gretty said...

I don't care if the whole world knows, I LOVES ME SOME DIRT!!!

nancycle said...

Happy digging!