Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Insomnia Post. (21?)

I think this could be lame. Also I think I stole the idea from a long ago list from the much cooler than me Ash. But at least I have a list this week! I should have changed the header but now Im too tired!

Thursday Thirteen Things That Im Thinking About At 4am.

1. I really hope the house payment check doesn’t bounce. Even more so, Im really hoping there is money left in the bank so I can go drinking tonight. (Let me rephrase that, I hope there is money so I don’t have to borrow from the Turnip’s piggy bank to go drinking. Because that would be alcoholic. Damn Norm and his new found interest in his own money. And his suspicious mind.) I really wish something would happen that I could pay Gret enough that she didn’t need to get another job.
2. I think Gret was right and Norm is suffering from post-holiday letdown. Im glad he fell asleep at 630 tonight. I hope that helps. Am I ruining him? I should call the daycare. Why am I so phobic about Miss Joy? Gill wont call for me I know he wont.
3. I need to get my haircut soon. It is turning into a jungle.
4. I wonder if my next door neighbor is pregnant yet. I hope so. She is really nice. My friend Andy’s baby is so cute. She is such an awesome Mom. All my friends are good moms.
5. I need to call Lucy on my way to work. I miss her.
6. Im so glad Madame Fabu found that paperwork. It would have otherwise sucked badly. My lock box is working really well. We call it my little buddy. I hope the Fabus come spend the night this weekend. I could use some Madame Fabu down time. And I love the way the littlest Fabu says “george’.
7. I LOVE firefly. I cant wait to get the new DVD player so we can watch it. Oh god the last thing we should be spending money on is a DVD player. But maybe if we manage our money really well…
8. I wonder if I took my adderrall too late in the day. Is that why Im stll up? Tomorrow is going to suck I have a huge day that ends in a two hour home visit with a woman who makes the supernanny look permissive and her father who thinks he is Germany’s next David Hasselhoff. Man that guy freaks me out. Why does he freak me out so much? He is so BIG. Not just tall. BIG. Like his face is big and everything. God why does he have to wear those weird sleeveless wife-beaters? And the tattoos. He is a ridiculous human being. Simply a ridiculous human being.
9. What is wrong with me that I just call a guy a ridiculous human being? I am not a good person deep down. I have a lot of spiritual growing to do. Ill call Lucy tomorrow. She is always good with that stuff.
10. I need to call the dr. and get my back checked. And my eye. I still have that bump and its been a month. I don’t mind looking like Igor for my dog but I should find out if I can do something about it. I don’t want to go yet because I think Im actually at the end of the spiraling out of control eating from the holidays. I really think its over. I haven’t had cookies for breakfast in days and I feel better. I need to take vitamins more.
11. I have to figure out how not to spend any money at work tomorrow. I think Ill make iced tea in the morning. Who am I kidding? Im going to be too tired. I suck. I wonder if I should wear my brown sweater outfit. I still don’t have brown shoes. I wish I had money to buy brown shoes. But I need a haircut first.
12. I wonder if the school is going to charge perfect storm’s family for ripping off the plastic baseboard in the time out room. Her new support worker handled that really well. I feel good about this. I hope she stops hitting soon.
13. This month is going to be different. I wrote progress notes for today and it was good. If I just write them every day the end of the month will be fine. I know I say this every month but 2007 feels different. I have my “little buddy”. And my adderrall is working awesome. When I take it. Even if it keeps me up till 4am.

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Mert said...

You sound a lot like me when i can't sleep. i wish my brain had an off button. Well, except for the important stuff like breathing. :O) Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

Firefly rocks! I wish the network would have kept it on the air. What a mistake it was to take the show off the air.

We've got the show and the movie on DVD.

My 13 is up.

luckybuzz said...

I *LOVE* Firefly too (but you knew that). :)

And, friend, you know the world of things that suck? You aren't there. You DO NOT SUCK. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever known. EVER! And I hope your daytime brain realizes that your nighttime brain is telling you some wrong things. :)

RockDog said...

I'm simply amazed that anyone...anyone...can think that much at 4am!

JohnH985 said...

Firefly is awesome! I love that show.

Canada said...

Damn, it's Thursday again, isn't it?

Hope your day today is better than your night.

Ash said...

Dude if you stole it from me, I can't even remember. but it's good, and like, detailed and shit. Rock on CRSE.

Raggedy said...

great list!
lmao at the destruction of time out room. I can picture my daughter doing that easily! The hitting is getting a tad less because pulling the dogs ears is great fun.
My TT is posted

factor 10 said...

This will be a good month for both of us in keeping up with paperwork. As I sat in my chair this morning slurping up my coffee, skipping my breakfast, My cell mate, er, co-worker cocked an eyebrow at me while she read my TT list, but paperwork is something I should totally be able to keep up on. Before the 28th of the month.
New Year, New, improved habits.
You and me, sister.