Friday, January 05, 2007

im starting to sense a pattern here

Its 143am. Yup. Wide Awake. Fantastic. Whenever I have insomnia cycles I secretly wonder if Im going to go mad and nobody will notice because im already kind of peculiar. Ok I have no choice people. Must go to slash mode. Why? Because you will thank me. Its much more user friendly to read the slashes than to unjumble the confused paragraphs.

-took the adderrall before nine. Still very focused all day. Still wide awake. Is it the meds? I refuse to give up this med! For the first time since JULY I can efficiently complete tasks er.. stay on topic during conversations well..i noticed im cleaning up after myself more. and thats a really good thing? Right?

-Had a complete "middle child" day. I love being 36 years old and still developing symptoms of full-blown anxiety sickness over people I love possibly being in conflict. (Note i say possibly. I do not even say actively. Thanks for that "gift" Mom)

- I think 2007 is going to be a good year for me. It has a 7 in it. 7s are lucky. Ive decided it would be much more positive for me if I just ignore the fact that I have absolutely nothing from my personal experience or my past on which to base this belief. The turnip has a 7 in his birth-date. ANd gill and I were born in 70. 1997 wasnt a horrible year. All I can actually remember about it was moving into a fairly cool apartment and starting grad school. I also think I cleaned my cupboards during princess di's televised funeral in 97. Cleaning cupboards was such an ambitious task. Go me. I dont remember 87 but how bad could it have been? Im here right? There you have it. 2007. The year of the Crse.

- I understand cognitively that it is extremely irrational to cuss out the dishwasher repair guy for cashing our check already. However, if it takes you a week to return the call for the repair, should I not be entitled to a grace period where you hold onto my check and contemplate the kind universe that brings you people like me who dont rinse their dishes so goo develops in a pipe thus allowing you to swoop in and blow the goo out in less than twenty minutes while charging them almost three dollars a minute?

- Along the middle child line of thought. I just reflected on the fact that I used to play match maker with single folks. I loved setting people up until my friend pointed out to me that every time i did so, the couple would eventually break up and hate each other and one or both would invariably hate me as well.

- I think if this eye thing does not get resolved soon, I may start asking Gill to refer to me as "frankie eyeball" or something equally mob-like. I always wanted a suitable mob nickname and that one would be perfect.

- I think I might be tired! YAY! Thank you for your patience folks. Im probably going to take a lunesta tomorrow to spare us all....


Crawlspace said...

Whenever I have sleep problems, and they coincidentally happen near a full moon, I decided its the moons fault, even though its not.

Stupid moon.

**My sleep has been out of whack this week too.

RockDog said...

"...blow the goo out in less than twenty minutes while charging them almost three dollars a minute?"

Less than twenty minutes? From my perspective that's a good job.

Going drinking tonight?

Ash said...

Put down the adderall babe!

crse said...

Crawlspace, im going to have to track the moon and my sleep patterns now. I should go back in the blog and see how my insomnia posts correspond with the moons....

Rockdog, (insert beavis laugh here) Im struggling so hard with the entendre on that. And Im also questioning whether or not id have the skills to make a living in such a manner (huhuhuhuhuhhh)

Ash, it isnt pretty. But damn it I can alphabetize again. how can i give that up?

nancycle said...

crse - truly, I hope you sleep well again...tonight perhaps. Milk and toast with peanut butter before bed. BUT the important thing is to use the milk to wash down the sleep aid you took a half an hour or so before bed. ;)

factor 10 said...

It seems shocking to me that with all of the quizzes we've done, there hasn't already been a mobster name generator? Or did I just start blogging too late for soprano related stuff? Now I'm on a quest, my dear!