Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Number 24

After spending several hours in a meeting this afternoon that concluded with me making clinical recommendations on how to eliminate "booger smearing behavior" in a patient, I decided writing a thursday thirteen about the ..... peculiarities..of my work would be not only cathartic but would prevent me from thinking too much about the fact that as a little girl, I never really hoped and dreamed that id be discussing booger smearing behavior for a living.

Thursday Thirteen Sentences I Never Wanted To Have To Write.

1. “Patient engages in fecal smearing”. I don’t care how seasoned you are as a professional, that one always makes your stomach sink.
2. “Patient barricaded himself in play castle and shouted profanities at therapist and school staff until castle was dissembled and patient removed from area.”
3. “Patient presented “hello kitty” cosmetic bag that appeared to be filled with her own urine.”
4. “Wrote book “licking people and things” to address patient’s behavior”.
5. “Patient has repeatedly eloped from daycare by removing window pane crawling through window and running away from room toward traffic.”
6. “Patient showed therapist collection of mucus saved in what appeared to be a pickle jar.”
7. “Patient appeared to be stimulating himself by tucking his hands down by his crouch and bouncing as he was laying on his stomach during circle time.”
8. “Patient removed baseboards from walls and attempted to attack school staff with them.”
9. “Patient stuck his finger in his nose several times while shouting IM PICKING MY NOSE AND YOU CANT STOP ME repeatedly.”
10. “Patient is defecating in his pants and then denying it in what appears to be a passive aggressive power struggle move.”
11. “During tantrums, patient is placing spit from his mouth into his hand and hurling it towards therapist.”
12. “Upon arrival, therapist observed patient standing in front of the class, laughing awkwardly and delivering what appeared to be ninja like punches and kicks into the air.”
13. “Patient’s parents reported that they decided to take patient off lithium against medical advice.”

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Crawlspace said...

It's odd, I think, that nearly everything on this list has been in an episode of Ren and Stimpy.

I firmly believe that is the finest show that has ever been produced.

I'd also like to point out, I do Number 12 every chance I get.

Anonymous said...

Well done lady! I firmly believe Gestalt does work! Continue to share your gifts with the world! Continue to share the torment and lonliness of that path! Continue to inspire others as you did me with this post! Thank you.


luckybuzz said...

Wow. Didn't we go to college with some of these people?

Seriously...I don't know how you do this, but I continue to be amazed and impressed that you do. You freaking rock. :)

Canada said...

Oooh, I can identify with several. And my personal contribution "I think client A's hands need to be washed, and we need to spearate all the instruments she touched so I can clean them". This would be to client A's teaching assistant. Client A has autism, and does not do well with the whole "monthly cycle" she's now experiencing. I swear, I do not get paid enough!

RockDog said...

CRSE! All I can say is that you are amazing if this is the type of thing you experience on a daily basis.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

OMG. I don't think I'd ever want to have to write those either although number 9 is faintly amusing.

Pippajo said...

How do must...

I can't even finish a sentence. I bow to you yet again. I could NEVER do what you do!

And why do so many of those examples revolve around bodily functions? Curious...

Not sure why, but #8 is my fave and I remember you mentioning that before. That was your "Perfect Storm", right? Do I get a dorkcookie for remembering that? And WITHOUT scrolling back through your previous posts to look it up no less?

Mert said...

LOL, man I wouldn't want to hear those either.

we have a policy here in my house, and since my youngest has discovered the joys of sampling her own boogs from watching her sister, and smiling while exclaming "MMMMM!"... it's called "Picky, no licky!" :O) Seriously, it's my mantra.