Saturday, January 13, 2007

The War on Delaware Avenue

four sick people.
one puker/dry heaver (gill)
one passer-outer/strep throater?/ complete body acher with possible broken hand from passing out (me)
two fevers - (turnip the sobbing sleeper and norm the writhing kicking whiner)

One. Horrible. Day.


factor 10 said...

I'm so sorry.

luckybuzz said...

Holy crap, that sounds awful. (On the other hand, looks like we visited just in time.) Sending long distance hugs....wish I could bring you soup! Hope you all feel better soon.

gretty said...

Wish I could feel bad for you all but you infected me too!!!
PS. Good seeing you LB, next time let's shoot for a visit that lasts more than 45 seconds ;)

Canada said...

oh, oh oh! How horrible.

Feel better crse. Get some Zithromax to kick the strep (not kidding, ask for it by name). Here's hoping that you all feel better soon.


Pippajo said...

Heavens above. How horrible. I reeeally, reeeally hope you all recover quickly.

Try to rest up (yeah, I know, impossible with two sick kids and a sick husband--just try anyway).

RockDog said...

Holy Cow! Feel better!

practical chick said...

And then God invented the ER and Urgent Care...Hope yall get well sooner rather than later.