Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Norman is my oldest of two sons. He is a sweet, adorable ray of sunshine who i think we are systematically ruining. (Stay posted for the entry....ways we are screwing up our kids) Despite his gentle appearance here, he is actually quite a little bundle of neurosis. He does not understand children that do not behave and almost puked tonight at a picnic because some little boys got into a berry fight. Norm had no idea why someone would consciously choose to stain themselves in such a manner. I take comfort from the fact that he is not washing his hands compulsively and chanting little cleaning mantras to himself yet.


Canada said...

Corwin doesn't obsessively wash his hands. . . anymore! Seriously, he was just freaked out if he got dirty/sticky/sloppy. Of course, this was more food related. He hates beingmessy when he eats, but he will happily dig in the dirt or sand for hours, and not worry about the mess. Clara (his twin), however, ends up wearing whatever she's eating and it really doesn't faze her (unless she thinks it might stain her favourite clothes). Kids!

Looking forward to more about Norman, the Turnip and YLH.

Oh, and 1994? Good year to get married (me, too!)

lil'rumpus said...

Just meandered over here from luckybuzz's. Your boys are way.too.cute. Looking forward to hearing more about their (and your) antics.

btw...hee hee, Norm said "butt puking"

crse said...

Canada, thats very reassuring! How old are yours? Twins no less! How fun is that?

Thanks lil' rumpus, im a little biased but i think so too!

luckybuzz said...

Norm is perfect. And I am *totally* not biased. The Turnip, too, though I *might* be biased on that one, since I think we share a brain now.

Canada said...

Corwin and Clara will be 6 in October. Yes, grade one - full days!!! Yay!!! And also, bring the Kleenex - where did my babies go?