Friday, July 21, 2006

The Turnip

I just learned how to make my sidebar link and since Ive referenced the rest of my crew, I need to make a post for my little Turnip. He is my second born and my "happy accident". He is a year old. He was almost 6 weeks premature but does not seem to be suffering complications. He does resemble a bloated William Shatner when he is upset but he is unbelievably cute.He is a cheery little snuggly guy and quite a mellow baby. His favorite things are food, his brother, and electrical cords. Despite his pleasant little disposition, he rarely sleeps through the night even now. Yes, we are giving him a midnight bottle which could explain why the horizontal stripes arent so flattering and the elastic waist bands arent so forgiving. But, everyone loves a fat baby!

If anyone knows how to unlink the section titles from the post above it, please let me know!


Jesse said...

The reason all your titles are linked is you did not close any of your link tags.

right now they look link this:

<li><a href="blah.html">My Celtic Horoscope</li>

What you need to do, is go in a close the a href tags with an:


so the links would look like this:

<li><a href="blah.html">My Celtic Horoscope</a></li>

Jesse said...


&60;/a&62; is supposed to look like:


luckybuzz said...

Jesse rocks. And the Turnip is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. Then again, he does control me with his brain, so I might be biased.

crse said...

Jesse, you are my hero

luckybuzz said...

Hey, crse, nice work on the sidebar stuff!

crse said...

hehehe...i finally figured out what you tried to explain three weeks ago LB!!!

factor 10 said...

What a doll! I wouldn't worry about the Shatner comparisons unless he starts working in the dramatic-Kirk-era pauses in the middle of his tantrums...and you're right, everyone loves chunky monkeys!

Canada said...

The Turnip is adorable!

Nice work on the blog - highly impressive!

And you and I just posted within seconds! We were writing comments about Jesses's ruined art at the same time. Bizarre.

crse said...

Awww thanks guys! We think he is pretty cute too...for a fat kid! (kidding....sort of)

ZigZagMan said...

no disrespect....but aren't the words....bloated and Shatner...a lil redundant?? :)

crse said...

Zig! Not if you are thinking in terms of young william shatner (he was quite svelte remember?)