Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another Fabu Friday with a little touch of barnyard

Well its saturday morning and the female Fabus spent the night last night. (Senor Fabu worked late and had a golf scramble this morning). We also had a little guest (the rooster, named for his ebullient personality and his mohawk). Right now, we are watching what Gill and Madame Fabu refer to as food porn on the food network (dont hate me for telling you this, but once you hear the background music you never watch the same way again) and eating donuts from the local fruit farm. Norm just came in and asked if he could wipe the turnip's nose with a piece of paper. I recommended a napkin instead. But Im not here to talk about the morning. Let me just tell you about my day yesterday....

You can refer to my morning in the previous post. We shall start this part of the story with the arrival of the fabulous female Fabus. The evening started, as we piled out of our hot steamy honda to meet them in the driveway. Norm quite pleased that a) he hadnt melted into the carseat as he direly predicted he would the entire trip home from the fruit farm b) his "girlfriend" Princess Fabu has arrived and c) he has a polly pocket to share with her from McDonalds. All is well as we pile into the house. Im just going to offer what I hope will be bulletted hilights of the evening.

Mini-Fabu found my toothpaste and covered herself and Norm's room in a nice film of it. Apparently Norm and the Princess watched as this happened. When I asked Norm if it just never came into his head to tell me that this was happening, he replied "no it wasnt in my brain and it wasnt in my whole body either"

  • Our boss Lonnie Manko (ive decided to use her tried and true alias) sent a lovely carton of wine over for us to enjoy. It is something with rabbits in the name and it has a lovely aftertaste. Cartons of wine. I love the 21st century!

  • MF and I eloped to target soon after the toothpaste incident and found several exciting bargains. I know its wrong but I heart target so much!

  • Drank wine and pina coladas and watched shark shows.

  • Ended the evening watching a show about shark sex with four small children sprawled about the living room as MF tried to get mini-Fabu to GIVE UP AND SLEEP which she merrily refused to do. The mini-hilight to this is that everytime one of the children asked what the sharks were doing, MF would say they are just playing. After about the second time, we were both saying it on command before the kids could ask. Gotta love the shark sex.

    All in all, not a bad friday night at all!

    Canada said...

    Oooh, shark week continues! Glad I missed that - refer to my singing nightmares, then try to add sharks to the mix!

    Toothpaste! Well, at least it smells minty fresh. (silver lining, silver lining!)

    French Rabbit wine in tetra pack - not bad. They even have a 3 pack juice box size (no straw though) Actually, it's another brand but hey - the kids can have apple and you can have "grape". :)

    luckybuzz said...

    Sounds entertaining. Donuts from the fruit farm could only happen where you live. (And where I live. But I still think it's funny.)

    Is the rooster who I think it is? (I'm guessing you don't have too many guests with mohawks...though maybe you do?)