Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Slumber Party

Ok Im trying to stay organized because there is a lot to tell. I will start with Friday. Today you will be meeting some of my family members for the first time. I think I need to make them their own descriptive posts for reference but Ill do the best i can without being too wordy.

My Younger Brother's Wife (Googy) had a slumber party. The guests included several of her friends, our cousin Larrie, My Older Brother's Wife (Bonsai), my Step Brother's Wife (Kish), and Googy's Mom. Googy got a psychic. She was eerily accurate for some people. (everyone went but Bonsai who the psychic didnt want to read because Bonsai was scared) I knew we were in trouble when she said she saw that I was close with my mother. Fortunately I was drunk enough to help her tie everything back into some semblance of believabilty. (Easiest 20 bucks she ever made probably) She did tell me some stuff I wanted to hear even if its not true.

Highlights included the jello and pudding shots, the amazing amounts of food, the general consensus that our children would be better spouses/partners to us than our current partners and a REALLY interesting story about voodoo and stalking. We were up until 6am and had to be back up at ten. This may be why my blog isnt sIlo interesting right now. Im SO DAMN TIRED.

I love slumber parties and I will never go to one the night before I have fifty people in my house again.


luckybuzz said...

Sounds fun! Glad the psychic was able to come back from the thing about your mom. You are a kind and generous person to help a psychic out like that. :)

Canada said...

Pudding shots?!?!?!?! Do tell, and post recipe (everyone knows about the Jello, but the pudding . . . now that's inventive).

And fifty people in your house? Hmmm . . . sounds like another story to be posted in the near future.

Glad it was a great slumber party, hope you catch up on those zzzzzs soon.

Jesse said...

That's a lotta people.

crse said...

Ahhh LB, you are too kind sweetie. Canada, Im not sure but I think it involved baileys and whipped cream. TASTY! Yeah I have to post about his birthday soon. It was...a fiasco but turned out ok! (and yes, Jesse, it was a lot of people)