Wednesday, August 30, 2006

la meme a trois

Thanks to mighty Snarkypants for this one!

So, herewith I present some stuff in threes

Things that scare me: ghosts, confrontations and losing loved ones.

People who make me laugh: my wimmin, the loris and almost every single person in my family

Things I hate the most: The feelings of powerlessness over what is going on in our country, my recurrent dreams of working in the fish market and having to leave my kids at day-care.

Things I am doing right now: Watching Anderson Cooper, Writing this and printing paperwork

Things I want to do before I die:
experience financial security (but not through any sort of monkey paw way) travel a lot find a sense of spiritual peace.

Things I can do: Make a joke out of almost ANYTHING, wake up without an alarm and make people feel heard.

Ways to describe my personality: Chaotic, Happy-go-lucky and neurotic.

Things I can’t do: relax and trust the process, manage money and most tasks that involve fine motor coordination

Things I think you should listen to: children, your heart, and your instincts.

Things you should never listen to: people who tell you why you cant do something, heavy metal or country music, people who are just sucking you dry.

Things I’d like to learn: How to function effectively with the ADD and the neurosis, how to confront people and how to stop putting other people's feelings in front of my own.

Favorite Foods: Really good chocolate, "homemade" tacos and hot pretzels.

Beverages I drink regularly: Diet coke with lemon, iced tea with lemon and sweet and low and water.

TV Shows I watched as a kid: Happy Days, Brady Bunch and Gilligans Island

Things I don’t understand: why I stay up until 2am when i have to get up early, intolerance and xenophobia.


Lisa said...

What is this "recurrent dream about working in a fish market" - ummm, that's rather out of the mainstream of scary dreams. Monsters? Small monsters with flutes? All acceptable.
But fish markets? ::BOGGLE::

(Mighty Snarkypants? I rather like that! hehe)

crse said...

Of COURSE you are mighty!!!