Monday, August 07, 2006

some random thoughts for a monday

because im hoarding my new adderall so i can function in the field as Im on a dose level thats equivalent to popping m &ms while he "builds my tolerance" (stupid dosage protocols) I clearly dont have the focus for a coherent post. A little shout out to Luckybuzz for teaching me the power of the bullet.

  • I think my dentist hates me. I dont understand why I have to have a completely dysfunctional relationship with every dentist I have. I had to leave the last dentist in a web of lies because I ended up doing therapy with him every visit. This dentist barely speaks to me and seems to be extremely passive aggressive. I was five minutes late today and they made me wait in the chair for a half an hour and then didnt numb me enough so I was white knuckling the chair the entire time. I dont think my bite is right either but i was afraid to pursue it.

  • The Turnip has been miserable since he got his shots last week. He may be teething or he may be developing an unnatural attachment problem. Ill keep you posted.

  • Madame Fabu sent me a form today that could solve a huge chunk of my organizational woes.

  • I had a family reunion yesterday. I really like my family. The highlight of the day was being able to drop a sasquatch line on my hairy backed brother.

  • This Mel Gibson scandal fascinates me way more than i care to admit.

  • Trying to raise people in a Judeo-Christian-hetero-preferential gender role conflicted violent racist and sexist society is very difficult.

  • I lost my phone three hours ago and am a little nervous about the consequences of this.

  • In a related note, Ive developed a new tactic for dealing with the collectors who call. Since the messages completely stress me out, I put them on hold until they hang up. Most give up after about 15 seconds but there is this interesting character calling from the 949 exchange who will wait me out. The longest s/he has held has been 2 minutes. Kudos 949, you are a worthy opponent. I think when I finally get the money to pay Im going to do the hold thing and pick up after like a minute. This person has earned the kill.

    well...thats all for now. I need to find my phone.

    luckybuzz said...

    "Trying to raise people in a Judeo-Christian-hetero-preferential gender role conflicted violent racist and sexist society is very difficult."

    A-freaking-men, sister. But I think you're doing an amazing job. (Are they playing with the magnets we brought??)

    Canada said...

    Hey crse, sorry to hear your day wasn't so hot, esp the dental aspect. I love my dentist. So much that while we live in Ottawa, he is in London, Ont. That's a minimum of 6 hrs drive. Well, we finally found a new one - she's great, too. Should you be in the area, I'll be glad to hook you up.

    and good luck with the phone - hoping you find yours in a timely fashion, just as I did with mine.